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This is the main page that describes the activities to be done in the wiki.
This is the main page that describes the activities to be done in the wiki.

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The first goal is to place all the article that were in the feature wiki of filesharing.de back online somewhere. THen these articles need to be fixed:

  • Grammar & spell checked
  • formatted & wikified & catagorized.
  • Incomplete article s need to be fixed see: Category:Stubs ( you mark a article as stub with {{stub}} )
  • Second goal is to documment gaps in the current knowlegde.

Do whatever you are best at...

This can also be translated to other languages.

The Wikipedia Tutorial is a excellent source that helps you editing pages. Note that the policy of Wikipedia does not completely apply here, e.g. original research is usefule here.

The cheatsheet shows common wiki markup code.

A html version without images, and without good layout of the previous feature wiki the start of this wiki is based on:


And a online version i found here:

http://wiki.teamdev.de/index.php/Main_Page It is a valid copyu of the old wiki, not sure who maintains it since there a a lot of spam links in it.

  • Note that this wiki allows ed2k links, however this wiki is not meant as a linkfarm of ed2k links.


External images are allowed, but image uploading to this wiki is not enabled.

Make sure that images are free (screenshots are ok) and do not refer to content that is not licensed to be distributed (no illegal files).


http://wiki.emule-web.de/image/Gbt.jpg results in Gbt.jpg


17-Okt 2--7: upgraded wiki to 1.11.0 :leuk_he 21:32, 17 October 2007 (CEST)

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