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=== See also ===
=== See also ===
*[[Morphxtfaq#Invisible_mode_on_startup|Invisible mode on startup in the morph faq]]
*[[Run as Service]] Is different but also invisible.  
*[[Run as Service]] Is different but also invisible.  
[[Category:Features]][[Category:StulleMule features]][[Category:MorphXT features]]

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Once activated, the eMule icon won't show up in the system tray when minimized.

[edit] Invisible mode

You won't see the eMule program icon in taskbar.

You have to choose a hotkey to activate/deactivate invisible mode

You can choose whether or not eMule starts in invisible mode.

[edit] How to set

Morph stullemule:



in the mod gui settings:

[edit] See also

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