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Remote Queue Rank (QR) indicates the specific position in another client's queue you own. QR is displayed in the English:Transfer_Window, when double clicking on one of the files you are downloading. The smaller the number, the sooner is to be expected (tendentiously) that the client sends data to you. With each interaction of two eMule clients, current QRs become exchanged. The number displayed behind the brackets in parentheses indicates your decrease (better) or increase (worse) in the other clients queue between the last two interactions of both of you (this feature does not exist not in the official eMule client).

Abreviation: QR Synonym: Queue Position


In this screenshot you can see the download queue status you have towards various clients:

Queue_Rank.gif Explanation:
  • The numbers behind "QR" indicate your position in the other client's queue.
  • Red box: Your queue position decreased (= improved) between the last two contacts for 190. (The announcement of queue position's change is not a feature original eMule is containing. This screenshot was taken from StulleMule v1.1.)
  • Light blue box: You do not have a queue position, because the peer's queue is full.
  • Orange box: eDonkeyHybrid clients only send the information that you are in the queue, but do not send the specific postion (since this feature is an invention of eMule developers).
  • The asterisk behind some of the QRs mean that A4AF system assigned this source to this file (although this source offers other files you want to download as well).

[edit] Compatibility issues

Not all ed2k compatible clients support sending and receiving of QRs. This is caused by the fact that sending QRs is an idea of the eMule developers. Clients which are not capable of exchanging queue ranks can be mainly divided into two groups:

Clients which have a queue, but do not send specific QRs e.g.: eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza Clients that do not have a queue at all e.g.: MLdonkey

[edit] Queue Rank Manipulation

Manipulating the queue rank sent to other clients (in order to make them believe that they will get an upload soon), is a bad feature: a function that Leechers use to achieve faster advance in other peer's queue.

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