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If there are no servers, or many dysfunctional servers in your server list. you can observe the following effect:

  • Search server/ global search does not return any results
  • Search server/ global search returns obvious fake results with some virus/spyware and incredible amounts of sources.
  • You cannot connect to a server
  • You find no (new) sources for your downloads, and thus download is very slow.

Note that lowid have a much harder time to connect to servers since the valid servers are overloaded and lowid add far more load. If you have a lowid please review that point also.

Empty server list

If your serverlist is empty:

  1. Go to Options/Server
  2. Set number of errors allowed before removing the server to 9
  3. Click Edit button that appears next to the option Auto update
  4. In Notepad, that is opened, add the following lines in the beginning:
  5. Save changes in notepad
  6. uncheck the two following options Update list of servers
  7. Click on ok
  8. Go to servers window
  9. In Update Server.met from URL, write any of the URL in point 4
  10. Click on Update button
  11. If you have selected "Autoconnect only to servers on static list" add the servers you want to static list
  12. Double click on any server
  13. Once you have get 100 or more Known clients on eD2K go to the Kad window
  14. Select From known clients
  15. Click on Bootstrap


Fake servers

If you suspect fake servers because you get fake search results of find no sources or (as a lowid) get no requests:

  1. Go to Options/Server
  2. uncheck "update serverlist when connecting to a server"
  3. uncheck "update serverlist when a client connects"
  4. When available: check the option "require obfuscated connection to server" (morph/stullemule)
  5. Click on Apply/Ok
  6. Go to servers window
  7. Rightl click on a server and select "remove all"
  8. In "Update Server.met from URL", write one of the following url:
  9. Click on Update button
  10. If you have selected "Auto connect only to servers on static list" add the servers you want to static list
  11. Double click on any server
  12. optional: look for a ipfilter in security or morph update.
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