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Idea from xman(?), implemented in [[Xtreme]], [[Neomule]], [[StulleMule]], [[MorphXT]].  
Idea from xman(?), implemented in [[Xtreme]], [[Neomule]], [[StulleMule]], [[MorphXT]].  
[[Category:Features]][[Category:StulleMule features]][[Category:MorphXT features]]
[[Category:Features]][[Category:MorphXT features]][[Category:NeoMule features]][[Category:StulleMule features]]

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If we have received more sources from a source exchange than the hardlimit can handle, the extra sources are not thrown away but stored in a Source cache and extracted from that in case there are sources lost from a file. This saves some extra reasks for SX from peers.

The extra sources in the cache are thrown away after some time.

[edit] See also

Idea from xman(?), implemented in Xtreme, Neomule, StulleMule, MorphXT.

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