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UPnP is a way to forward ports on a NAT device/router.



Universal Plug and Play in eMule's context is a way to open/forward ports on UPnP compatible routers (or modems with integrated routers). This gives a high-ID without having to open ports manually.

This feature is very useful in combination with Randomize Ports & ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) support.

It was first seen in emulEspaña by MoNKi and is available nowadays in a lot of Morph based mods.

UPnP Requirements

In order to use Universal Plug and Play, there are several requirements:

  1. The operation system has to support it and the functionality has to be activated.
  2. The router has to support it and the option has to be activated.
  3. If a firewall is installed, it has to be set to allow UPnP traffic.
  4. The used eMule Mod has to have UPnP support and the option has to be activated.

Note: To find and fix problems with UPnP use the UPnP Test Program from the See also section.

Known Routers/ DSL modems that support UPnP

  • Arcor
    • WLAN Modem 100
  • AVM
    • Fritz!Box
  • 3Com
    • 3CR858-91 OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router
    • 3CRWDR100Y72 Router (Firmware 2.6)
  • D-Link
    • DI524 Router
    • DSL-G604T Router
  • LevelOne
    • WBR-3400TX
  • Linksys
    • WAG54G / GS
    • WRT54G / GS / GL
  • Netgear
    • RP614v2
    • MR814v2
    • DG834G
  • Sitecom
    • WL-114
    • SMC
    • 7804WBRA Barricade
    • 7004ABR Barricade
  • Speedtouch
    • 510 DSL Modem
    • 546 DSL Modem
  • Telekom
    • T-Sinus 1054 DSL
  • Windows Internet Connection Sharing
  • Zyxel
    • Prestige 660 HW

If you own a router/ modem that supports UPnP, please be so kind to add it to the list.

See also

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