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Equal Chance For Each File(a.k.a. "Multiqueue", "One queue per file") option gives a queue score to the file according to the number of times the file has been uploaded. Files that have been uploaded a lot get a lower score and clients requesting those will drop in the waiting queue. Files that have been rarely uploaded get a higher score and clients requesting those will advance faster to a slot.

Factors effecting this:

  • Total time file shared
  • (average upload time) x (average upload speed)
  • File size

The client score system is ignored (in popular implementations).

This was first implemented in Eastshare by AndCycle

This corresponds with the one queue per file. (Eastshare saves the history so it works over multiple sessions giving new files a boost)

[edit] Xman's explanation

Sharing several files, only waiting time, upload priority and credits decide on the position of an requesting client on the waiting list. The result can be that certain files are uploaded quite often, while other files are often left out of consideration, although they've got the same priority. Now Multiqueue simulates one queue per file. Therefore the QR, which is transmitted to the requesting client, shows his position on the waiting list only for this certain file. So if 100 clients inquire one file, the QR is going to be situated somewhere between 1 and 100.

A special algorithm now tries to share the upload among every file equally. So the Xtreme loads a file with 10 waiting clients just as often as one with 1000 waiting clients. That's why you should be aware of the fact that 200 MB shared among 10 clients mean considerably more per client than 200 MB shared among 1000 clients. Therefore it could be advisable to set the upload priority of a rarely requseted file lower when using Multiqueue. Using auto-priority in connection with Multiqueue all files will be set to normal.

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