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Filename Disparity Check [FDC] was created to help out until the official client implements a fix. It is designed to help to prevent downloading of undesired content.

When you search for something the filenames returned are only the names that match your search. So if you search for a file named 'Ghost' and you click on 'Ghost trial' and start downloading it, this file may have other names such as 'unwanted_video.mpg' but with the standard client you won't know unless you check it out manually by viewing the file details dialog and the filename details page.

Filename Disparity Check compares filenames and if the difference between them is excessive a red question mark will be displayed next to the filename for the duration of the session. This feature can be turned off in Options->Extended->Disable Filename Disparity Check. You can also get to a file's filenames quickly from the new context menu->filename. If FDC has been triggered, the alert can be reset using the 'Reset FDC' button located on in the file details->filename window. If you find FDC is too sensitive or not sensitive enough for your needs, you can adjust FDC sensitivity in Options->TK4 eXtras. If you still get too many false positives you can enable "Require 2 bad names before alert" which as it says will not display an alert until 2 bad file names have been seen.

From TK4 version 1.5 on FDC will support Unicode and attempt to work with other character sets such as: Arabic ,Chinese, CJK Unified Ideographs ,Cyrillic, Greek , Hebrew ,Indic (Devanagari(Hindi), Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi), Japanese and Thai.

In addition some accented Latin characters are converted to their none accented counterparts so an omitted accent won't cause a false disparity.

Web links are removed from the filename a client sends before comparison. Small one word filenames shorter than 'ours' will not be compared, to prevent false disparity from run-on filenames. Finally, the sensitivity range has been extended slightly in the low end and other small tweaks added.

first appeared in TK4 written by BlueSonicBoy

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