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If your download is stopped, but you still have the partial download files on your disk this might be a method to salvage what you have.


[edit] Guide to fix corrupted downloads

Always remember to backup files before attempting to change or correct anything with these files!

This guide is for users who for some reason has a corrupt download. You will need to download the Morph mod to complete the guide. Download the binaries and unzip them to some location on your hard drive.

[edit] Recover the link for the file

You can find all the ed2k links of current downloads in the downloads.txt file located in eMule's install directory. Remember to choose the right one. There is also a downloads.bak file. You can also use the eMule build in search, but you have to be sure that the file you have on disk is identical to the file in the search.

[edit] Start the download

Start downloading the file in the morph mod.

[edit] Import

Right click the file and select "import parts to file". The mod will "download"/import the data in the new file. For large files this can take a while. If there is data corrupted, that data will NOT be complete and you will have to redownload parts.

[edit] Continue the download

Completing all of the above steps you should now have saved your broken download. You can now continue the download in either your preferred eMule client or continue using the morph mod.

current mod that has the import file feature is the morph mod and mods based on that.

[edit] Notes

  • Slugfiller/IOM had a more advanced way to recover crashed downloads, but that mod is not maintained any more. the latest version is based on a version that does not support files > 4GB.
  • Stoppping and starting eMule and or a reboot might be enough to complete hashing of a stuck file. Make sure you have enough disk space and file permission and/or a virus scanner that dooes not block the completion.

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