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Aktuelle Version: Neo Mule 4.20a
Entwickler: David Xanatos
Basiert auf: Offiziellem eMule-Client
Grundlage für: QMule
Enthaltene Features: Siehe Feature Liste (weiter unten)
Bandwidth Management: USS, NAFC
Download: NeoMule-Webseite

[edit] Allgemeines

Der NeoMule stellt eine sehr hoch entwickelte eMule-Modifikation dar, die sich durch das enorme Innovationspotential von dessen Modder, David Xanathos, auszeichnet. Wer einen Mod sucht, in dem man auch den kleinsten Parameter einstellen kann, ist hier richtig. Allerdings ist der Mod aufgrund der Dichte an Features und Einstellungen eher für fortgeschrittene eMule-Benutzer zu empfehlen. Der NeoMule verwendet ein konventionelles AntiLeecher-System namens "Argos". Dazu ist er als einziger regulärer eMule-Mod (ansonsten bietet lediglich eMule Plus) in der Lage, via LanCast mögliche Quellen und/oder Dateien im lokalen Netzwerk zu finden und bietet zudem mit Voodoo eine Schnittstelle für den Austausch von Daten anderer, noch zu entwickelnder, Filesharing-Applikationen wie BitTorrent im LAN.

Der NeoMule fiel in der Vergangenheit aufgrund einer sogenannten "Expert"-Edition negativ auf. In dieser waren einige Einstellungen setzbar, die das Netzwerk negativ belasten konnten (z.B. in Verbindung mit Source Exchange). Aufgrund dessen wurde auch die reguläre Version als Bad Mod angesehen und gebannt. Nach massiven Protesten und Diskussionen auf dem offiziellen eMule-Board hat sich David Xanathos jedoch entschlossen, in Zukunft nur noch "fair" zu coden, weswegen der NeoMule jetzt offiziell wieder erlaubt ist.

[edit] Feature Liste

  • NSA – [NeoSourceAnalyser) The system analyse the IP-behavior of the clients and determinate the probability to find them with the same IP after a longer break. This system is part of the Neo Source Storage System m
  • NSK – [NeoSourceKeeper] Sources are no longer deleted after failed connection attempts they get one of the Suspended States (DS_UNREACHABLE). Primary this system is used by Source Storage. It’s not necessary if the client database is active.
  • NCD – [NeoClientDatabase] IP list and file database for all known sources. Primary use of the database is the allocation of the IP-tables for source IP analyser.
  • SHM – [SourceHashMonitor] Client hash change monitor. Primary use is the control of the client shash change to save the integrity of the client database. Secondary the system is used for Argos.
  • NSD – [NeoSourceDrop] In fact Source Cleanup. Required for Neo source Keeper and Neo Source Storage. It is designed to delete not needed sources with a suspended status.
  • SFL – [SourceFileList] In this list is saved which files were seen by which clients. Used for Source Storage, search.
  • NPT – [NeoPartTraffic] Neo Part Traffic is almost completely redesigned. Basing on a old implementation from xrmb
  • IPS – [IntellegintPartSharing] Intelligent part sharing replaces Hide OS and Share only the need. The system is full more perfect then the other solutions named above. It can be configured more flexible. The spread possibilities are also able to handle heavy shared files because a relative division as over shared/availably calculate method can be used instead of a static difference.
  • RPS – [RealPartStatus] New protocol extension. Announce the status of the chunks administrated by IPS (Intelligent Part Sharing)
  • RT – [ReleaseTweaks] Generally a release priority like powershare but the base functionality is different. Neo system is much more flexible configurable for each file individually.
  • NB – [NeoBackup] Extended file backup. Is highly flexibel configurable and also includes auto restore functionality.
  • NA – [NeoArgos] Neo anti Leecher System. The behaviour analyse methods are partly from S.N.A.F.U include also Anti Nick/Mod thief (WiZaRd) and Anti-Ghost Mode. The mod detections methods Nick/Mod String and Opcode are swapped out to a separate thread to reduce the CPU load. The leecher list is in a external file leechers.dat the entries are CRC protected.
  • VOODOO - [UniversalPartFileInterface] With this feature you can link clients so that only one client have the real files, the rest is using his files via network. This feature can be also used for Bittorent support you only need an adapted Bittorent client.
  • NBC – [NeoBandwithControl] Neo Bandwith Control is based on Pawcio Bandwith Control but more flexible and includes NAFC.
  • NAFC – [NetworkAdapterFeedbackControl] Own implementation of NAFC.
  • PIX – [PartImportExport] Neo Part Import/export is a own implementation and has much advantages opposite to the actual popular system. The parts have not to be arranged sequential in the file which want to be imported. The system can import the parts in any order whereby single parts can be imported. Furthermore the system can export any part in a file.
  • NLC – [NeoLanCast] Neo Lancast 2.0. the new version includes an active source searching and file searching by keyword. AND, OR, NOT are supported as well as filesize, availability and other prosperities.
  • MTD – [MultiTempDirectories] Own implementation of different temp folders. New downloads can be set automatcly or manualy to the chosen folder. Existing downloads can be moved to new folder during runtime.
  • NST – [NeoSourceTweaks] Source limits and similar can be set for each file individualy.
  • DR – [DownloadReask] Download reask setting can be set for each file individualy
  • NCFG – [NeoConfiguration] Save Load Prefs, not new.
  • FCFG – [FileConfiguration] A lot of settings can be set for each file seperatly will be saved in *.neo and in knownprefs.met
  • ECFG – [EngingeConfiguration] Feature for developers. Not in public release
  • ASL – [AutoSoftLock] The source search is turned off if a definite threshold of sources have the status „too many Connections“
  • MCS – [ManualChunkSlection] It can be set manually which chunks will be downloaded first
  • SO – [StandAlone] With this feature neo is able to work autarkic without KAD and/or server
  • MPS – [ManualPartSharing] Manual Administration of chunks. Hide/block isn’t recommended this work canbe done by IPS much more efficient.
  • EGS – [ExtendedGlobalSearch] Global Search support now the Search more function
  • NCS – [NeoCreditSystem] Neo Credit System is only applied on clients that are sources. The advantage for the remote clients is low, but leechers are markedly handicapped.
  • NFS – [NeoScoreSystem] A Queue in which the importance of the waiting time in proportion to the credits increase exponential.
  • NSC – [NeoSharedCategories] The categories can be used also for completed files.
  • SP – [ShharedParts] the parts are shown in the shared file window
  • AKF – [AllknownFiles] a list of all known files can be displayed in the shared files list. Idea from xrmb
  • XC – [ExtendedComments] Extended commentary system: Version 2 from SF+ Neo Save Comments
  • MFSB – [MultifileStatusBars] Status bars also for A4AF files, Morph Mod
  • RFL – [RequestFileList] All files of a client are displayed include the files he ask for.
  • AHL – [AutoHardLimit] Auto hard limit, switch able between sivka and WiZaRd system
  • ICS – [IntelligentChunkSelection] The protocol extension incomplete Parts from enkeydev mod but advanced to Version 2.0
  • QS - [QuickStart] The connection limits are raised at start up. Own implementation
  • RIC – [ReaskonIDChange] Enhanced Reask on ID Change completely new coded. With possibility to notice the clients in Queue. Also works in Stand Alone Mode if NAFC is activ.
  • DS – [DropSources] Source dropping, own implementation includes the „Don’t ask this IP“ list from sivka (optional)
  • MCM – [ManualClientManagement] Manually A4Af managements of the clients
  • MSH - [ManualSourceHandling] Manually source enquiry to clients, server and kademlia
  • MDR - [ManualDownloadReask] Manually download enquiry for complete files
  • MCH - [ManualClientHandling] Manually reask/drop of clients also SX enquiry
  • NXI - [NeoExtraInfo] A Protocol extension which provide additional information from the client: Sui Status, File priority up/down, credit system, score, queue configuration, up time ....
  • MOD - [BindToAdapter] With this function the client can be instructed to use a defined network adapter
  • SD - [StandByDL] Downloads can be set to stand by status where sources are collected but now download is made.
  • TFL - [TetraFriendLinks] friends can be imported/exported with a link, implementation from tetrabin Format: ed2k://%7Cfriend%7Cnick%7Chash%7C/%7Caddr,
  • MKN - [MergeKnown] Sounds common but it’s completely different.
  • RP - [RestrictivPublishing] Publishing from files in KAD network oder ed2k network can be turned off in the pre-release phase. Only in releaser edition
  • PTM - [PrivatTransferManagement] - dont count download from friend slots to session ratio pinger info to network dialog.
  • STI - [StaticTray] - Static Tray Icon, the icon is shown permanently.
  • LF - [ListFind] A text search for all lists.
  • MLD - [ModelesDialogs] Modeles Dialogues is based on the implementation from SF but with many updates and corrections
  • CQR - [CollorQueueRank] Queue Ranking is displayed collared
  • TQ - [TweakUploadQueue] Infinite Queue and Queue overflow.
  • NPC - [NeoPartCatch] hidden parts can be requested. This feature is using by Anti Hide Os and Real Part Status
  • SI - [SysInfo] CPU and memory ussage is displayed
  • OCC - [ObelixConnectionControl] if 75% of the connection limit is used the source searching is turned of temporary
  • MOD - [PreAllocate] With this function the client can allocate the hard disk space for downloads.
  • MOD - [EscFix] Client no longer minimize if ESC is pressed.
  • MOD - [PrefCloseFix] Set Up is only saved if OK is pressed.
  • MOD - [CancelKademliaSeartch] KAD searchs can be cancelled manually
  • NRT - [NeoReleaserTweaks] Some menues in shared files window. Clear statistic ect.
  • MOD - [MoreSearchColors] some more colors for search resluts
  • NV - [NeoVersion] Neo Version, window title usw…
  • ND - [NeoDebug] some things to debugg
  • NTS - [NeoTreeStyle] GUI extension in the download/shared file list, from Plus Mod
  • MOD - [NeoStats] more Statistic Graphs, overhead, NAFC, UL/DL Limit, SysInfo
  • MAC - [MorphA4AFCategories] Extended category support from the Morph mod
  • FC - [FakeCheck] checks files on a list of know fakes and when found shows a comment
  • IP2C - [IPtoCountry] shows country flag and mane of users/servers
  • ASF - [AdvancedServerFilter] advanced server filtering from Av3k + don't remove static servers + don't add servers automaticly
  • AU - [AutoUpdate] IPfilter, known leehcers list, fake list, country ip list can be updated automaticly
  • SAX - [ServerAUX] alternatis server port
  • EFT - [ed2kFileType] show file stn the shared tree in grouped by types
  • MID - […] Mod ID functionality
  • MDS - [ManualDropSources] Manually dropping of sources
  • MOD - [ChunkSelection] selection of the Chunk request method for each file individually: official, ICS, rare chunks v4.
  • MOD - [NeoMenus] The Menues
  • SSP - [ShowSharePermissions] The view share setting can be set for each file separately. From xmod. Wit h modifications to solve problems in the original
  • KAX - [KadAuxPort] optional extra port for KAD. Own implementation. Idea from ewombat mod
  • TCR - [TCPConnectionRetry] TCP connection retry from Extrem Mod
  • XSF - [ExtendedSharedFiles] Extended Shared Files Functionality from SF.
  • VSF - [VirtualSharedFiles] The Path’s and Filenames of the shared files can be changed virtually. From FS
  • SSD - [ShareSubDirectories] Shared Sub Directories from SF
  • EDT - [EstimatedDownloadTime] Estimated download time from enkeyDEV Mod
  • L2H - [LowID2HighIDAutoCallback] Low ID to High ID auto Call-back from enkeyDEV Mod
  • AHOS - [AntiHideOS] Anti Hide OS from Net finity MOD, negligible modified
  • WC - [WebCache] Webcache 2.0 implementation from IoNiX Mod
  • SC - [SeartchCatch] Search Catch from SF
  • XUC - [ExtendedUdpCatch] Extended Udp Catch from SF
  • SR - [SpreadReask] Spread reask from SF
  • SQ - [SaveUploadQueue] Saving Upload Queue Waiting Time from moonlight
  • MQ - [MultiQueue] One Queue for each file. Idea from bloodymad
  • RQ - [RandomQueue] Clients are taken almost random from queue. Good for releaser. From SF
  • MC - [MetCredits] New format for clients.met file from SF, negligibly modified and optimized
  • RSR - [RemoteScoreRatio] Display of the remote score, very easy
  • MOD - [SeeTheNeed] GUI Extension from Morph.
  • PP - [PasswordProtection] Password protection for the file list, only lokal, TBH mod
  • SEF - [ShareAlsoEmptyFiles] Empty Part Files are displayed in shared files, by default only displayed not published.
  • SS - [SplashScreen] Splash screen from TBH mod, little changes
  • MM - [NeoMiniMule] Neo Minimule, like TBH Minimule
  • ML - [ModLog] Modlog
  • WS2 - [WINSOCK2] Ewombat WinShock2
  • MOD - [HashProgres] Hash progress is shown in status bar from O2 mod
  • NCAP - [NeoCustomAutoPriority] The Thresholds for Auto Priority can be set up manually
  • OCF - [OnlyCompleetFiles] if for a file no complete source is available the file wouldn’t be downloaded. This safe hard disc space.
  • MOD - [ChunkDots] GUI extension SF
  • MOD - [ConfirmedDownload] GUI extension from ZZ
  • FSI - [FileStatusIcons] File Status icons from Plus Mod
  • RC4 - [RareChunksV4] Rare Chunks v4, needed for the possibility to load the file from a defined point
  • PRSF - [PushSmallRareFiles] Small and/or rare files are pushed, from SF
  • NI - [NewIcons] new client icons usw…
  • PSM - [PlusSpeedMeter] Speed Meter Toolbar from Plus Mode
  • SE - [SortExtension] Disable auto sort, and only sort clients
  • IM - [InvisibelMode] Client is invisible on desktop and can be called with a hot key combination
  • RLD - [ReconnectOnLowID] Reconnect if getting a low ID.
  • MOD - [CustomUlSlots] Min/Max upload slots adjustable
  • MOD - [ReloadSharedOnMissing] if a file which is known as shared wasn’t found the list will be generated new.
  • NPS - [NeoPlusStyle] List style from plus mode for transfer and shared window
  • MOD - [ClientsDetails] more pages in client details window
  • NSB - [SlideBar] 2 categories List with Set-Up Pages from Plus Mod
  • NPB - [PrefsBanner] Banner in preferences
  • NCI - [NewClientIcons] new icons for Client
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