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A bad feature is a feature that is not generally accepted in the eMule network. Examples of this are very high ratios (1: 100=bad), credit shaping, automatically taking completed file offline. Some people call these feature illegal, but most they just do not confer to the board rules of


Very bad features.

There are also features that hurt the network. Spam, no-upload or no ratio are examples of this.

GPL breakers

eMule is released under the [GPL]. Any mod that does not comply with that license is a gpl breaker.

Some examples.

  • Not releasing/hosting source. Read this FAQ!
  • Claiming you wrote the software without giving credit where credit is due. (see section 2 of the gpl!)


  • Linking to the official emule source is not enough. You have to release the full sources yourself!
  • Note that a version that does not include sources can have all kind of unwanted spyware/adware/trojans included. This happens more often that you would think!


If you use a leecher modification, it may be detected by other clients with anti leecher detection; so you might lose potential sources when using a leecher mod. There are also those who put all IPs that use a leecher mod in an ipfilter list. You may be branded for a long time if you use a leecher mod.

So don't.

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