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UPnP is a way to forward ports on a NAT device/router.


[edit] UPnP

Universal Plug and Play in eMule's context is a way to open/forward ports on UPnP compatible routers (or modems with integrated routers). This gives a high-ID without having to open ports manually.

This feature is very useful in combination with Randomize Ports & ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) support.

It was first seen in emulEspaña by MoNKi and is available nowadays in a lot of Morph based mods.

[edit] UPnP Requirements

In order to use Universal Plug and Play, there are several requirements:

  1. The router has to support it and the option has to be activated.
  2. If a firewall is installed, it has to be set to allow UPnP traffic.
  3. The eMule Mod has to have UPnP support and the option has to be activated.

For some mods (not Morph/Stulle/Scarangel) that use the UPnP functionality from the OS:

  1. The operating system must support it and it's functionality must be activated.

Note: To find and fix problems with UPnP use the UPnP Test Program from the See also section.

[edit] Known routers that do NOT support UPnP

  • Example A
  • Example B

If you own a router that DOES NOT support UPnP, please be so kind to add it to the list.

[edit] See also

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