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Argos is yet an other Leecher detection system, it provides a very wide range of detection methods and revolutionary high optimized code for minimal CPU/Memory usage.
The first Version was already included in an old NeoMule 3.00
The second version was included in the modern NeoMule 4.x. The Argos uses a separated thread for identifying Leechers and a loadable Leechers.dat, in the 2.0 version it supports as well an loadable dll that allows more shophisticated detections.
The most recent version 2.5 is included in NeoMule 4.5 and is a simplified variant of Argos 2.0, it not longer supports the leechers.dat file only the dlp.dll and Opcode based detection was dropped for the time being.

Detection Method Argos 1.0 Argos 2.0 Argos 2.5
Mod String Yes Yes Yes
Nick Name Yes Yes Yes
User Hash No Yes Yes
Sent OpCodes No Yes No
Nick Thief Yes Yes Yes
Mod Thief No Yes Yes
Hash Thief Yes Yes Partialy
Credit Hack Yes Yes Yes
Hash Change Yes Yes Yes
Ghost Mod No Yes No
Fake Client No Yes No
Agression Yes Yes Yes
File Scanner No Official Official
File Faker No Yes Yes
Bad Sender No Official Official
Rank Flood No Official Official
Upload Faker No Yes Yes
XS Exploit No Yes Yes
Nick Changer No Yes No
Mod Changer No Yes No
Spam No Yes Official
Suspect Hello No Yes No
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