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THIS IS NOT FINAL... feel free to edit and add suggestions

[edit] Introduction

Comments V2 is a feature form SF and it allows sending comments to people that have the file complete, it basically allows to send comments for arbitrary files the remote side have.

[edit] Specifications

The packer was therefor altered by adding the file hast on the top:

[hast128 16]      // file hash
[uint8 1]         // rating
[string n]        // comment

In the Mod Prot this alternated packet is to be send with the ModProt ID and under the same opcode as used usually.

[edit] Compatibility Note

Mods > 0.48 should _not_ anymore ounce support for this alteration in the usual hello and also ignore if a never client sends v2, because it may be an official v2 that may be incompatible with the SF v2.

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