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Analyzes search results and splits them to categories as GOOD/OK/SUSPECT/FAKE. It generally checks bit-rates, filenames(+artist, album, title) while doing this. At the end, it assigns a score to each file, thus background colors.

  • good: green-ish
  • ok: blue-ish/purple-ish
  • suspect: yellow-ish
  • fake: red-ish
  • nothing: not computed or insufficiently computed.
 * GOOD  (RGB: 216, 255, 216) (HEX: D8FFD8)
 * OK  (RGB: 216, 216, 255) (HEX: D8D8FF)
 * SUSPECT  (RGB: 255, 255, 216) (HEX: FFFFD8)
 * FAKE  (RGB: 255, 216, 216) (HEX: FFD8D8)

The above values and colors apply if the background color would be white without the Fakealyzer or are white because no result could be calculated.

This feature was originally created by netfinity.

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