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Aktuelle Version: MorphXT 8.10 // MorphXT pre-8.9
Basiert auf: Offiziellem eMule-Client
Grundlage für: Cyrex, EastShare, StulleMule
Enthaltene Features: Powershare, Webcache
Bandwidth Management: USS, SUC
Siehe auch die englischsprachige MorphXT-FAQ: English:MorphXT_FAQ

Der MorphXT ist einer der beliebtesten eMule-Mods überhaupt. Er wird vom MorphXT team (derzeit SiRoB (kein deutscher!), leuk_he und Stulle) entwickelt und dient als Grundlage für viele andere Mods.

[edit] Aktuelles Changelog

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.10
FIXED : (minor) USC: Percentage setting for PowerShare Class was not taken into account (thanks to fafner) [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) correct ipfiltering of servers based on report by bluesonicboy [leuk_he]

ADDED : DBR: Dynamic Block Requests by netfinity [SiRoB]
ADDED : minor official bug fix arround upload Obtained Parts [SiRoB]
- this help to properly display yellow pending upload area
ADDED : minor official bug fix arround DownloadClient ProgressBar [SiRoB]
- this prevent false green chunk display
ADDED : Tooltips for some preferences [leuk_he]
ADDED : Bindaddr added to extended preferences [leuk_he]
ADDED : Added a Bind addres for Upnp [leuk_he]
ADDED : emcrypt gpl violator protection by Xman [leuk_he]
ADDED : Fix connection collision [SiRoB]
- you can see the activities by enabling up/down log event and check the morph log
ADDED : GUI: Server Icon in DownloadClientsCtrl [Stulle]
ADDED : GUI: Powershare Graph [SiRoB]
ADDED : DBR: extended it to prevent extra download time (light BlueSonicBoy code) [SiRoB]
- avoid download stuck with very slow source (trickle) and reserve too much block
ADDED : SendCancelTransfer after the A4AF swap try when we run out possible block to request [SiRoB]
ADDED : Don't count aborted downloading source du to noneeded part as failed [SiRoB]

CHANGED: WC: reworked to make proxy configuration test working with random port feature [SiRoB]
CHANGED: ICS: reworked to take into account an A4AF swaping during a ProcessFileStatus [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USS: Default Forced UDP Ping has been changed to disable [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USS: renamed uss Force udp on, (USSUDP_FORCE), you will have to reenable if you needed it before. [leuk_he]
CHANGED: ImportPart: we can import part into Stopped or Paused file if AICH list is available [SiRoB]
CHANGED: ImportPart: Chunk with some data already written are also imported [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: proper equal bandwidth for each slot when we don't use slot focus [SiRoB]
CHANGED: HIDEOS & SOTN: reworked a bit to properly display hidden chunk [SiRoB]
CHANGED: GUI: No log messagge in log on spam. (only in verbose) [leuk_he]
CHANGED: GUI: focus steal check on message by raccoonI [leuk_he]
CHANGED: updated with zzUL-0060413-2149 with some fix arround socket requeue [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: updated to feet zz change [SiRoB]
CHANGED: GUI: dimmed ipfiltered servers[leuk_he]
CHANGED: FlushThread: Reflush When we attempted to flushBuffer whereas the thread didn't get enough time to finish [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.9
ADDED : netfinity: Fixed printing of offset and byte count (need to use 64 bit format codes) [SiRoB]
ADDED : netfinity: Raised threshold as anything below 3kB/s suggest there is a problem [SiRoB]
ADDED : WC: We are able to see which chunk received WCBlock to be downloaded from proxy [SiRoB]

CHANGED: WC: Something was wrong arround the methode choise for Publish WCBlock [SiRoB]

NOTE: sorry for those numerous update, but i don't have a proper webcache proxy hunder the hand.
Anyway if i had not dig a bit the code this feature will have still useless for ever.
Now every thing is ok, i finaly found why WCBlock were not properly spreaded as in the old offcial webcache client.

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.8
FIXED : WC: WCBlock sent will content the proper proxy ip [SiRoB]
CHANGED: WC: received WCBlock not succefully downloaded were blocking some filepart zone to be downloaded [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.7
CHANGED: WC: Finaly working fine [SiRoB]
ADDED : Trickle datarate is now 0.1kB/s for low speed datarate (i.e <6kB/s)[SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.6
FIXED : ImportParts: Put back previous file state at the end of the import process [SiRoB]
FIXED : SpreadBar is now correctly saved for +4GB file [SiRoB]

CHANGED: HideOS & SOTN: They are working together and always revalate 2 chunks [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Average datarate calcul a bit [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SlugFiller SafeHash code changed to work arround false corrupted part report with the ReadBlockFromFileThread [SiRoB]
CHANGED: WC: In case download query failed use ed2k request instead [SiRoB]
CHANGED: WC: ResolveWebCachename has been changed to work arround dns change

ADDED : HideOS & SOTN: Don't upload requested hidden block [SiRoB]
ADDED : Attempt to avoid connection Collision [SiRoB]
ADDED : Global source limit [Stulle]
ADDED : Source cache by Xman [Stulle]
ADDED : USS: Option to force UDP ping in morph preferency [SiRoB]
ADDED : USC: max upload datarate setting for a each class based on upload speed percentage [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: USC: available bandwidth is spreaded differently [SiRoB] 
TWEAKED: Lowering memory consumption a bit by merging some data (See Chunk that we hide) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: ReadBlockFromFileThread:
- get free of the upload process timer
- this make 1.8MB/s limit rise up to ?


Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.5
FIXED : (minor) ImportParts: make it working when the file is stopped [SiRoB]
FIXED : (major) ReadBlockFromFileThread: don't use partfile permanent handle in thread [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) GetAvailablePartCount() by adding us as available part [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) SlugFiller SafeHash code to work arround ed2klink with hashset [SiRoB]

ADDED : Slotlimit like StulleMule [leuk_he]
- not limmited, Where the upload code decides to open more slots as needed.
- a set number 60-255, for high speed uploaders that wants to limit the upload slots manually.
ADDED : Occurate download limiter [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Roll back my nice average calcul system [SiRoB]

REMOVED: Removed SlugFiller Code arround WriteToBuffer [SiRoB]
- there is a bug but i got headache to fix it, maybe something arround gaplist.

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.4
FIXED : (minor) Save sources for multiple tempdir & system icon mulit tempdirs [leuk_he]
FIXED : (major) average datarate calcul was wrong (USS & Onlinesig were affected, introduced in 8.3) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.3
FIXED : (minor) WC: Make the Webcache Test work when we are using RandomPort feature [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) WC: Make the WebCache Test work when we are using Fast Connection Reject option [SiRoB]
FIXED : (major) WC: Reworked a bit the fix arround MultiOHCB [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) WC: Display only once msgbox "Your Proxyserver does not seem to...." [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Average datarate speed as been reviewed a bit [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Turn back official slot limiter [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.2
FIXED : (minor) Fixed glitch display arround webcache file infos detail [SiRoB]
FIXED : (major) Fixed Official WebCache OP_MULTI_FILE_REASK packet build [SiRoB]
- packet were malformed du to extrat data at begin
FIXED : (minor) MemLeak fix arround ICS pointed by WiZaRd [SiRoB]
FIXED : (major) WebCache 2.0.1 Fix arround allocated memory [SiRoB]

ADDED : Offcial Patch for Getclosestto function by Unknown1 [SiRoB]
ADDED : Upnp checkbox in first time run wizard. [leuk_he]
ADDED : Take into account IP+TCP header [SiRoB]
- WARNING Keep in mind you will see more overhead

CHANGED: TryToConnect has been changed to know when we filter some connection reducing false failed upload (banned client) [SiRoB]

REMOVED: Removed SlugFiller noneededrequeue [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Removed SlugFiller safe hash arround hashsetneeded [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.1
FIXED : (major) Weird change making some eratic opened slot [SiRoB]


Changelog for eMule 0.47a MorphXT v8.0
MERGED : Ported to 0.47a version [SiRoB/Stulle]

FIXED : (major) Crash on rename from explorer if file still displayed in transer list [leuk_he]
FIXED : (major) No more crash du to completed file (a very very old bug in SlugFiller code) [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) When there is only A4AF source and they are removed, display information are updated [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) GUI: file detail arround webcache stat is properly displayed [Stulle]

ADDED : USC: Don't open new slot when connection doesn't send any data [SiRoB]
ADDED : FlushThread to write on hard disk without locking GUI [SiRoB]

CHANGED: No FunnyNick for added HTTP sources [Stulle]
CHANGED: No ZZ ratio for added HTTP sources [Stulle]
CHANGED: WC: Support +4GBytes files [SiRoB]
CHANGED: ImportPart: Reworked to be used and stopped at anytime [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SOTN: Reviewed to not show us as a complet source even if we are the only source [SiRoB]
- du to share only the need mecanisme client will always see a virtual complet source
- share only the need still the safer and best way to always keep a file well spreaded by balancing the upload 

CHANGED: Auto PowerShare and PowerShare limit has been reviewed [SiRoB]

------------------------------------------------Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.8
FIXED : (major) Various crash arround category manipulation or file completion [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) Minimize to tray when we use the autostart [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Added TMPL_FAILEDLOGIN into eMule.tmpl [leuk_he]
CHANGED: Put back full safe hash code from Slugfiller mod [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Put some kind of official open slot limitation [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.7
FIXED : (minor) Assertion for PPgMorph.cpp [Stulle]
FIXED : (minot) feedback for other languages (transferred) [Stulle]
FIXED : (minor) Avi3k: maxfilesize fix [leuk_he]
FIXED : (minor) Avi3k: search index check [leuk_he]
FIXED : (minor) Xanatos: critical socket fix [leuk_he]
FIXED : (major) Patched safehash thread hashing to avoid crash when reading on a bad cluster [SiRoB]
- This permit to avoid just the crash, you still need to perform a scandisk to move part pointing to bad cluster
FIXED : (major) Patched safehash to avoid crash when we are shuting down emule [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) Turn back change to fix Multisort wroung column sorting with only client sort (CTRL+column click) [SiRoB]

ADDED : ReadBlockFromFileThead: make read block for uploading client no main thread blocking [SiRoB]
- It will help to avoid disturbing upload when harddisk is under heavy access.

CHANGED: Equal Chances for Each File uses Session values now [Stulle]
CHANGED: USC: Avoid limiting speed of client too much when switching from focused to no focused mode [SiRoB]
CHANGED: (secutity) Backlog on WEBserver listen socket have been set to 5 [SiRoB]
CHANGED: (secutity) Backlog on WAPserver listen socket have been set to 5 [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated Anti-Leecher [SiRoB]

REMOVED: unused Nice Hash preferences code [Stulle]
REMOVED: Obsolete security icon in Morhp settings removed. [leuk_he]
REMOVED: Help from morph preferences (caused a crash) [leuk_he]

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.6
FIXED : (minor) USC open slot with unlimited datarate class [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.5
FIXED : (minor) icon arround webcache proxyclient in downloadclientctrl [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) sorting item arround downloadclientctrl (by XMan) [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) WC: Avoid xml setting autoupdating when webcache is disable [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) display of score ratio in icon for lovelace and Pawcio CS [Stulle]
FIXED : (minor) USC: High class limiter (FS, PS or PBF) are respected [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) Load hot key for invisible mode correct from preferences[leuk_he]
FIXED : (minor) no server busy switch to message on a busy pc during windows starup[leuk_he]
FIXED : Prevent forgetting identical named .met files in different tempdirs[leuk_he]
FIXED : (minor) Static servers do not need a static priority. [leuk_he]
FIXED : (minor) Fix log scrollbar redraw [SiRoB]
ADDED : Display BusyRatio in uploading list [SiRoB]
CHANGED: PowerShare limit have been limited to 5 virtual sources [SiRoB]
CHANGED: UploadBandWidthThrottler: Limiting send buffer to DoubleSendSize to avoid createnextblockpackage to be blocked too 
much time [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: hope this will take into account much possible case to avoid not filled bandwidth [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.4
FIXED : (major) SafeHash Patch from SlugFiller mod (Borschtsch)
FIXED : (minor) Mixed icon in downloadclientlist
FIXED : (major) Rollback code arround ICS feature
FIXED : (minor) Smart A4AF swaping
FIXED : (minor) Advanced A4AF management
FIXED : (minor) Shared Part column have been fixed (missed merging code from 0.46c)
FIXED : (minor) Changed Share Only The Need a bit due to official change

CHANGED: Turned back the right sorting of the file status column
CHANGED: Moved back "Download In Alphabetical Order" setting in priority popup menu
CHANGED: Reworked a bit the Anti-leecher to not ban client morph based mod
CHANGED: Linear priority column show us all information regarding download priority
CHANGED: EastShare CS has been updated according to change in official
CHANGED: Create ipfilter, fake and ip2country class first to avoid multiple hd access while hashing
CHANGED: USC: changed the way to limit upload slot datarate to balance upload and avoid lost of bandwidth
- so don't worry if you see datarate above limit with 1" upload avarage setting
- in short trickel slot may take high datarate until their avarage download reach upload limit setting
CHANGED: WC: WebCache site has been shutdown due to high load, so i removed link for autoupdate webcachesetting
CHANGED: Every client are now equal arround PowerShare file state
CHANGED: zz code update arround scheduled upload system

ADDED : Patch to make shareable file succefuly completed with insufficient space disk on target

TWEAKED: Anti-Leecher test order by Stulle

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.3
FIXED : (major) Patched Official minimule to eradicate the systray crash [SiRoB]
FIXED : (major) Patched Official CreateBlockRequests causing crash reported by leuk_he [SiRoB]
FIXED : (major) Missed code when merging to offical 0.46c causing unpredicable resulte [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) Missed some code with the previous hideos update [SiRoB]
FIXED : (minor) wrong display rating icon in transfer window [SiRoB]

ADDED: Catch creditmet file loading exception for public key length greater than
- this fix crash when a specific corruption occur in creditmet files.

CHANGED: Reviewed every lib project setting to speed up the code [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated zlib to 1.2.3 version [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Reviewed the way to consume bandwidth [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Try to keep always one trickle slot [SiRoB]
CHANGED: pthread dll have benn turned into static lib thank's to leuk_he
(no need to keep pthreadvc dll) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Changed crash dump directive to not show the emule dump email adress [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Fake.dat file are now available in zip format so i changed the reset setting [SiRoB]

REMOVED: No more ReadWriteLock safeHash code [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: May the loading of creditmet file speed up [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.2
MERGED : Ported to 0.46c version [SiRoB]

FIXED : Properly display the upload overhead [SiRoB]
FIXED : May i found the responsible for rare crash arround resume next file [SiRoB]

ADDED : Serveral const optimization [SiRoB]
ADDED : Even more requpfile Optimization (for crazy user sharing many files,
reduce CPU usage on zz upload system based mod) [SiRoB]
- In short this avoid looking for knownfile pointer in the sharedlist.
If you are sharing many many file this may reduce considerably cpu load.
ADDED : Some kind of stop open slot in some congestion case or
when connection is lost [SiRoB]

CHANGED: USS: use the official one now [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated bad MODSTRING with the *** ita mod [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated MultiSort from SlugFiller mod + small change to permit both
sorting with CTRL key [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated SafeHash from SlugFiller mod [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated UPNP Support from MoNKi patch [SiRoB]

REMOVED: Updated bad MODSTRING with null char [SiRoB]


Changelog for eMule 0.46a MorphXT v7.1
FIXED : Possible crash when using HideOS or Share Only The Need
(same client request different file) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Crash-fix on close using systray by Xman1 [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: Higher class where not properly capped [SiRoB]
FIXED : ImportPart: avoid crash when importing part file stored on bad sector [SiRoB]
FIXED : Datarate Management: display properly the average datarate
when we use 1s setting [SiRoB]

ADDED : requpfile Optimization (for crazy user sharing many files,
reduce CPU usage on zz upload system based mod) [SiRoB]

CHANGED: USS: changed a bit to avoid perturbation [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Datarate Management: reviewed a bit the way to keep sample [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated bad MODSTRING with fake sivka version [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated bad MODSTRING with null char [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: reviewved to avoid trickle slot to timeout [SiRoB]


Changelog for eMule 0.46a MorphXT v7.0
MERGED : Ported to 0.46a version [SiRoB]
MERGED : Merged A4AF from latest ZZ Mod [SiRoB]

FIXED : SafeHash code fix arround corruptionblackbox [SiRoB]
FIXED : SafeHash code fix arround AICHSyncThread start (delay load shared files) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official Crash fix arround Chat Context menu [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official Minor fix arround middle button click in the Transfert Window [SiRoB]
FIXED : Crash fix on category merge [SiRoB]
FIXED : Fix eMule process remain on shutdown by using updated pthread (v2.6) [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz scheduled slot: added a check in AcceptNewClient to bypass 4 slot limit [SiRoB]

ADDED : NiceHash from CB mod (need some feed back for this testing) [AndCycle]
relate topic
ADDED : Calcul Over Head by using Upload Over Head from uploadbandwidththrottler [SiRoB]
ADDED : Separate average upload based on 30" for USS system (as in the official
client) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Datarate Average Time Management (Default 30s near the official client) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Anti WSAEWOULDBLOCK ensure that socket buffer is larger than app one [SiRoB]
ADDED : Rescue CatResumeOrder (Linear Priority) due to the new official tag used
for SourceLimit [SiRoB]
ADDED : UPNPLIB: Added preprocessor definitions (UPNP_STATIC_LIB) for a proper
compilation [SiRoB]
ADDED : Display busy state for upload client [SiRoB]

CHANGED: ImportParts: Updated with 003 version from SR13 mod [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USS: Minor change [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Use the latest UPNP from emulespana mod (Big thx to MoNKi) + MemLeak fix [SiRoB]
CHANGED: QueueBar: Added hard limit one [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updater: Use an other methode to see if we need to update it [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Display the Default ShareOnlyTheNeed mode in Sharedfile window [SiRoB]
CHANGED: FunnyNick: fully dynamic now [SiRoB]

TEAWKED: See parts hidden by HOS and SOTN have been tweaked a bit [SiRoB]

REMOVED: Only Lock When Needed (arround ControlPacket Queueing) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.45b MorphXT v6.7
FIXED : DownloadClientCtrl: Middle Mouse click on client item work properly for downloadtransfer window [SiRoB]
FIXED : WC: CreateMFRPacket memleak fix focused by WiZaRd [SiRoB]

ADDED : Don't kill source if it's the only one complet source, it's a friend, a proxy or not ed2kclient [SiRoB]
ADDED : Don't kill client if we are the only one complet source, it's a friend or a proxy [SiRoB]
ADDED : Only Lock When Needed (arround ControlPacket Queueing) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Force TryToConnect for OP_CALLBACKREQUESTED (should avoid false setting in quarantine) [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Don't auto show community column (remain auto-hide capable) [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: USC: Should be even more efficient (lowering focus effect due to different client latency) [SiRoB]

REMOVED: Avoid Kad consume too much CPU (changed the while by if in uploadBandWidthThrottler) [SiRoB]

NOTE: Due to some change webcache should be more responsive now (proxy should not be deadsourcelisted anymore).
Webcache system decide to stop working himself.

Changelog for eMule 0.45b MorphXT v6.6
FIXED : proper Scheduled slot order (keep older completing last and newer pre-empted first) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Missed some SafeHash code [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Reworked again the USC to get smoother upload (more upload slot that the way to get linear upload) [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: PBF: Lower a bit the CPU load on start [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Avoid Kad consume too much CPU (changed the while by if in uploadBandWidthThrottler) [SiRoB]

REMOVED: FIXED : USS udp ping switcher take long time to establish due to icmp udp alternate [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.45b MorphXT v6.5
FIXED : USC: Reworked completly the per client datarate limit [SiRoB]
FIXED : Proper fix arround AddSource memory execption [SiRoB]

ADDED : Safe .met replace [AndCycle]
ADDED : noNeededrequeue from SlugFiller [SiRoB]
ADDED : doubleLucas from SlugFiller [SiRoB]
ADDED : Updated Bad MODSTRING list [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Updated Control Mod Tag [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Finaly use full SafeHash from SlugFiller [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated UPNP Support, this should fix various trouble (Big thx to MoNKi) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: IPToCountry should load a bit faster [SiRoB]

REMOVED: AddSource memory exception Official Bugfix by WiZaRd [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.45b MorphXT v6.4
FIXED : False message box telling credit file is corrupted [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: Toomany slot when using per client datarate limit [SiRoB]
FIXED : WC: Minor localization fix [SiRoB]

CHANGED: When using friend slot, zzRatio isn't activated if friend globaldatarate is lower than 3KB/s [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.45b MorphXT v6.3
FIXED : USC: slot datarate limit was not respected [SiRoB]
FIXED : Prevent invalide parameter preferency message box due to other mod usage [SiRoB]
FIXED : USS udp ping switcher take long time to establish due to icmp udp alternate [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Updated Webcache to 1.9a beta3 [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated Anti-Leecher ban MorphXT+ and eChanblard v7.0 [SiRoB]
CHANGED: When SUWQT is disable suwqt file is no more updated [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.45b MorphXT v6.2
FIXED : Identified a very old bug that make crash morph in particular waiting-queue configuration [SiRoB]
FIXED : Friend eLink minor fix from emulEspaña [SiRoB]
FIXED : DoubleClick on the chat window friend icon open the file preferency [SiRoB]
FIXED : AddSource memory exception Official Bugfix by WiZaRd [SiRoB]
FIXED : DownloadClientCtrl: Double click on client item is working now [SiRoB]
ADDED : Scheduled remove slot from zz mod [AndCycle/SiRoB]
ADDED : zzRatio triggered and activated reason [SiRoB]
ADDED : Optionnal funnyNick Display [SiRoB]
ADDED : fake emuleVersion detection [SiRoB]
ADDED : fake MODSTRING detection [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SLS: LowID are now recorded [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SpreadBar is now disabled by default in share preferency [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Reworked to work properly with the new scheduled remove slot [SiRoB]
CHANGED: updated -UPnPNAT Support- by MoNKi from emulEspania [SiRoB]
CHANGED: updated -Improved ICS-Firewall support- by MoNKi from emulEspania [SiRoB]
CHANGED: updated -Random Ports- by MoNKi from emulEspania [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Datarate is based on 5'' instead of 10'' before (30'' for official) [SiRoB]
REMOVED: CPU live optimization [SiRoB]
REMOVED: No more ban on bad user name [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Ensure proper new open slot in all case [SiRoB]

NOTE: About upnp support now you can disable the XP service , big thanks to MoNKi.
Also don't be surprised to see graph not as linear than the official.

Changelog for eMule 0.45b MorphXT v6.1
MERGED : Ported to 0.45b Official version [SiRoB]
FIXED : WC: when enable crash can occure (thx jpkoester1) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Roll back some 5.18 code [SiRoB]
NOTE: I keept the multisort from SlugFiller

Changelog for eMule 0.45a MorphXT v6.0
MERGED : Ported to 0.45a Official version [SiRoB]

FIXED : Download part file progress bar is now drawn correctly [SiRoB]
FIXED : Intercept wrong friend link to avoid crash when pasted in friendlist [SiRoB]
FIXED : ICS: Don't send for complete file by netfinity [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: Minor fix arround Friend Class Limit consign [SiRoB]
FIXED : KAD: Official Busy loop fix by gcostanza (i.e.: abnormal cpu usage) [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Download Client part file progress bar has a lighter color now for confirmed download chunk when in flat mode [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: Various code optimization [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.18
FIXED : Kad: Buddy patch to avoid crash by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS [SiRoB]
FIXED : PC: timeout fix focused by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS [SiRoB]
FIXED : WC: timeout fix focused by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS [SiRoB]
ADDED : Patch to Attempt to avoid the tomanyconnection freeze state [SiRoB]
ADDED : Some string localization [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: USC: Minor change to lower even more the number of uploading slot [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Don't add client in uploadinglist not accepted by trytoconnect to avoid failed upload (banned,filtered,etc) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Optimized [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.17
FIXED : HOS: Properly desactivated when not welcome [SiRoB]
FIXED : crash in some strange circonstance (div by zero) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated the wecaches.cvs in the package from webcache official site [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.16
FIXED : Removed a check in AcceptNewClient that could block the open of new slot [SiRoB]
FIXED : DownloadClientCtrl: fix that could crash emule with WebCache activated [SiRoB]
FIXED : DownloadClientCtrl: columns preferency [SiRoB]
FIXED : WebCache: timeout fix [SiRoB]
FIXED : GUI: Oscop Fix by apph [SiRoB]
ADDED : Ip Country for ProxyClient [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Advised PowerShare for partfile [SiRoB]
CHANGED: GUI: Better Statistic Graph display [SiRoB]
CHANGED: A4AF: Infos are now fusionned (e.g.: complet source and partstatus are keep) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: HOS: desactivated for imcomplet file not well spreaded [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.15
FIXED : USC: use of only one class make slot open until limit [SiRoB] 
FIXED : Small visual bug arround the tiny vertical bar of news downloadclient switch icon [FrankyFive]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.14 
FIXED : Possible crash in mass-rename if filename contains "%"-characters [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Various display bugs. [MightyKnife/SiRoB]
FIXED : Possible "Divide by 0"-crash. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Renaming existing CRC32 to uppercase only worked for the first 4 characters in Unicode built. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Improper treatment of sets of empty parameters in preferences.ini. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Oscop mouse cursor fix by apph [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: Friend, Powershare and Pay Back First slots are properly added by respecting setting [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: Small mistake that create some extra slot open while we remove one [SiRoB]
FIXED : Put back completsourcecount fix in ResetFileStatusInfo() to avoid file completsourcecount mix (A4AF) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Renumber slot [SiRoB]
FIXED : Maybe the shared credit violation [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Defeat zero filled part sender (use less now) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Backup of config-folder, update of fakes.dat and update of ipfilter.dat can be scheduled. [MightyKnife]
ADDED : localization of many text [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: ImportParts: you can take temp part file without the need to copy them manualy [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Overhead datarate calcul has been changed to 10'' instead of 40'' [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Parameters and file information will be saved before backing up config-folder, not only on program end. [MightyKnife]
TWEAKED: Better datarate mesurement for low and high speed [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Smoother opened slot [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.13 
FIXED : crash (introduced in previous version) when start resume next occur and 'prefer same category' or 'only in same
categry' prefrency is not checked [SiRoB] 
FIXED : Wrong display spreadbar disable in the hideos column [SiRoB] 
FIXED : 2GB load bug in ImportParts code (Death Knight) [Commander] 
CHANGED: Revert back red and green color for QRdiff [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: Flag display in serverlist (moved to country column) [Commander] 
CHANGED: Include/exclude successful/failed WC-Download sessions in/from download session values [Commander] 
CHANGED: TextColor in DownloadClientsList no longer dark-red -> set default color [Commander] 
ADDED : failed WC-Downloads (number) and percentage of all WC-Download sessions [Commander] 
TWEAKED: USC: Fully splittable upload bandwidth [SiRoB] 

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.12

MERGED : Some merge from emulEspana arround randomport and folder icone [SiRoB]
FIXED : some column sort have been corrected [SiRoB]
FIXED : Download failed since 5.8 (webcache related) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Refresh manual powershare state display [SiRoB]
FIXED : Corrected Start Next paused file (per category) when the global pref one is unchecked [SiRoB]
FIXED : Open Folder on FileContext Menu [Commander]
FIXED : Open correct Folder on SharedFilesList [Commander]
FIXED : ProxyClient handling in new DownloadClientsList and in general [Commander]
REMOVED: Itsonlyme UDPCacheSearch [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Global Upload Limit are now respected [SiRoB]
CHANGED: New Morph Version Check use Official setting now [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Now Country Flag can be displayed in a separated column [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Open Folder on SharedFilesList enabled for PartFiles (TempFolder will be opened) [Commander]
CHANGED: Activated all SNAFU test [SiRoB]
CHANGED: new CycleView icon [Commander]

ADDED : Don't add client in uploadinglist not accepted by trytoconnect to avoid failed upload (banned,filtered,etc) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Intermediate temp var for file datarate to avoid 0kb/s display when GUI refresh the file item [SiRoB]
ADDED : Country column in download window [SiRoB]
ADDED : Fading window on exit (only for XP) [Commander]
ADDED : Ban Ghost mod (ie: mod client that don't provide modID) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.11
FIXED : HideOS: right HotFix [SiRoB]
FIXED : Webcache: Avanced control are now available again [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SOTN: Enforce to show more than one chunk [SiRoB]
CHANGED: HOS: Enforce to show more than one chunk with selective chunk enable [SiRoB]
ADDED : TBH Transfer Window Buttons from EastShare [SiRoB]
ADDED : DownloadClientsCtrl by SHALAM from EastShare + 1 Fix arround addclient wink.gif [SiRoB]
ADDED : Switch Lists Icons by SHALAM form EastShare [SiRoB]
ADDED : Show Downloading Time by SHALAM form EastShare [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: ImportParts: Use a thread to keep upload and download [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't Refresh item if not needed [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.10
FIXED : Fix the spreadbar default state [SiRoB]
FIXED : MassRename: No more crash with the cross closing button [SiRoB]
FIXED : MassRename: Insert text column from clipboard [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Resend FilePartstatus in some circonstance from Pawcio (if you want to share with out interruption 
just disable SOTN and HideOS) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: localize for translation [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Equal Chance formula now push small file [AndCycle]
ADDED : Webcache localization from pawcio [SiRoB]
NOTE : About Share Only The Need (SOTN) and Hide Over Share (HOS)
- best suited for multiple sharer.
- avoid to spread allready disponible and uploaded chunk.
- allways upload rarest chunk.
- virtual complet file (all chunk disponible) are allways seen by other due to the mecanisme.
- best suited for alone sharer starting to spread a file and wanted to upload all the file first.
- becarefull other couldn't see commplete file in some case. And might abort it.
- might be used, if you planed a share and other know it.
SOTN overhide HOS mecanisme to allways get all chunk available on the network

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.9
FIXED : Credit file priority load has been corrected [SiRoB]
FIXED : GUI: Systray icone didn't display the speed bar in some case [Commander]
FIXED : Webserver: Official Web Template can be used now [SiRoB]
FIXED : Powershare: Powershared client in uploadinglist are correctly sorted when other client 
lose this state [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz Upload system: 'Successful completion of upload' were counted as failed upload [SiRoB]
FIXED : Found the guilty for the nasty crash arround ICS use [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz Upload system: Reworked ResortUploadSlot Fix [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz upload system: send OP_OUTOFPARTREQS when trickle slot removed or removeormovedown occur [SiRoB]
FIXED : HideOS: hotfix [SiRoB]
ADDED : Show permission: default state display in sharedfile window [SiRoB]
ADDED : Import Parts from SR13 [SiRoB]
ADDED : per-File setting for spreadbar history [AndCycle/SiRoB]
ADDED : Put back partial SafeHash code from Slugfiller [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USS: Trickle datarate is now 0.1kB/s for low speed datarate (i.e <6kB/s)[SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Try to open new slot smoothly [SiRoB]
CHANGED: New systray icone [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SOTN: Strictly upload the rarest chunk [SiRoB]
CHANGED: zz Upload system: No more uploadinglist prio on score [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Reworked the feed back feature (multi file selection, added extra info) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Lphant can receive Webcache Infos [SiRoB]

NOTE-1: For win2k user you can have 256 colors systray display by patching your explorer.exe 
NOTE-2: About Import Parts
General idea from xmrb's CKnownFile::ImportParts()
Unlike xmrb's version which scans entire file designated for import and then tries
to match each PARTSIZE bytes with all parts of partfile, my version assumes that
in file you're importing all parts stay on same place as they should be in partfile
(for example you're importing damaged version of file to recover some parts from ED2K)
That way it works much faster and almost always it is what expected from this function.

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.8
MERGED : Code ported to 0.44d Official version [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official -Fix-: Event on the two Chat button [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official -Fix-: Stat were not reseted when stopping or completed file occure [SiRoB]
FIXED : Reworked some zz code to avoid some possible uploadinglist disturb [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: No-focused class give now the same datarate to every slot [SiRoB]
FIXED : PartFile download statistic are now correctly cached [SiRoB]
FIXED : The use of inteligent chunk selection make some possible crash [SiRoB]
FIXED : SUWQT file is now correctly loaded [SiRoB]
REMOVED: The eMule+ Preferency dialog have been removed temporaly [SIRoB]
REMOVED: Keep Powershare state when client added in uploadinglist has been removed [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Restriction on hideos for partfile have been removed [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Some official icone were changed [SiRoB/Commander]
CHANGED: Moved 'Show Client Percentage' in Morph preferency [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Turning back HideOS available on partfile [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Download and Upload Datarate are now averaged on 15" [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Download and Upload Datarate client are now averaged on 15" [SiRoB]
ADDED : Some missing icone in popup menu [SiRoB/Commander]
ADDED : a Flag on the clientdetail window [Commander/SiRoB]
ADDED : Draw date and time log in default color [SiRoB]
ADDED : Resend FilePartstatus in some circonstance from Pawcio [SiRoB]
ADDED : One Webservice link to get file comments from other user ( [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Reviewed to open less slot [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: SOTN: Revelate to a client only the rarest part with the equal min availability [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: SOTN: Allready Requested part in uploadinglist are now taken into account [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Reviewed auto Powershare [SIRoB]
TWEAKED: Changed the way to refresh UploadDatarate (call once in the process) [SiRoB]
NOTE-1: Be carefull the time for average datarate has been lowered. So the graph are a more realistic and reactive. 
This may disturb you and make you feel that there is some upload trouble.
NOTE-2: For webserver user, please use the new template provided (emule_Chicane_MorphXT.tmpl)

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.7
FIXED : The AutoSetResumeOrder have been corrected to work properly in all case [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz Upload System have been reviewed to properly remove WebCache Socket from standardOrderList [SiRoB]
FIXED : WebCache Fix arround the test of valide blockrequest range [SiRoB]
FIXED : Legend Graph are now correctly drawn in case of wide caractere language use [SiRoB]
FIXED : ResortUploadSlot Fix in some case socket event can disturb the uploadinglist [SiRoB]
FIXED : The first and last chunk download should be ok now [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Now we allways use the most recent credit.met file if it's corrupted use backup one [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Rewritten some code [SiRoB]
CHANGED: zz Trickle slot now set @1kB/s to avoid some possible timeout [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Right Align Upload speed column [SiRoB]

ADDED : New option in Download Morph preferency to use or not the Intelligent Chunk Selection 
ICS) for next block request [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: Display the new version when we manualy update a file in morph preferency [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Improve credit.met loading [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Avoid call SavePartFile when UpdateAutoUpPriority() is called, just call when m_bAutoUpPriority 
trigger false to true [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Lowering opened trickel slot [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.6
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class Powershare and Friend slot don't override datarate limit anymore [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.5
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class [SiRoB]
FIXED : First sorting when adding PS PBF FS slot in uploading list is now correcly done 
bugFix arround zz code insertslot()) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.4
MERGED : Mobile Mule 0.9a [SiRoB]
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Morph version check is done at each start [SiRoB]
ADDED : Manuel Morph version checker in the top left corner popup [SiRoB]
NOTE: About WebCache from the official thread

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.3
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Package include an updated Websever with StatTree and loginfailed Template from emule+ [Commander/SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.2
MERGED : Merged WebCache 1.2f and fixed 2 issue [Commander/SiRoB]

FIXED : Source Load Saver have been corrected [SiRoB]
FIXED : Patch taken from other ListCtrl to avoid crash in the FriendListCtrl (at shutdown some item were not valide) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Proper PowerShare display in Queuelistctrl (related to unsecure client) [SiRoB]
FIXED : RSS news reader (XML Parsing) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Put back in waitingqueue when too many upload slot occur [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Intelligent Chunk Selection now use the advanced per file setting for the preview first and last chunk [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Intelligent Chunk Selection adapted to work with WebCache [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Web server now display a statistic tree taken from emule+ [Commander]

ADDED : "Using phpBB URL-Tags style" checkbox in FileDetail for ed2kFileLink creation [AndCycle]
ADDED : Options to Enable/Disable PowerShare internal File Priority [AndCycle]
ADDED : Upload Splitting Class in morph preferency [SiRoB]
ADDED : Don't Refresh item if not needed (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Version checker [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: Hide Over Share display info now show all value in the column [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: The auto powershare mecanisme have been changed to wait some complet source info before triggering [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: IP2Country have been improved (some tweak from emule+) and binairy search methode have been implemented [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't draw hidden columns (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't draw hidden rect (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Some Code Optimization to reduce CPU load when client on queue is growing [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.1

FIXED : HideOS Display Info in SharedFile [SiRoB]
FIXED : Ed2k Friend link past crash when they have wrong format [SiRoB]
FIXED : Columns in SharedFile where not displayed correctly when first column is hidden [SiRoB]
FIXED : AppVersion stored correctly in preferences.ini (for onlinesig) [SiRoB]
FIXED : The WapServer search works now (Special thanks to MoNKi) [Commander]
FIXED : Manual Backup causing crash have been solved [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Don't remove custumization folder when we start emule [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Removed controversal MODSTRING detection [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Show ProgressQueueBar disable by default in preferency [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.0

MERGED : Code merged to 0.44a [SiRoB]
MERGED : Code merged to 0.44b [SiRoB]
MERGED : UNICODE related [AndCycle/Commander/SiRoB]

FIXED  : Resource ID's several times [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Minor gui display bug arround the category priority [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Definitly fixed the Resume Next in the category context menu, this is not anymore a globaly 
Resume Next but a per-category resume [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Temporary banned client by ip detected by the zerofilled feature are well done 
(resort ip binary array) [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Localized / hardcoded IDS's [Commander]
FIXED  : fix known.met, rehashing known file problem [AndCycle]

CHANGED: Removed the "..." and changed the tree in Morph preferency to [+] [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Make one menu for CRC32 related function [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Anti-Leecher Mecanisme by adding the reason of detection in log [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Percentage aspect on download progress bar [SiRoB]
CHANGED: You can use HideOS only if you are the complete source [SiRoB]

ADDED  : Recalculate CRC32. Can be used to force eMule to generate the CRC32 of a file again 
- i.e. to check the correctness of a file after moving it to another hard disc. [MightyKnife]
ADDED  : CRC32 Localize [SiRoB]
ADDED  : ClientQueueProgressBar to TransferWnd [Commander/SiRoB] (Idea by Roman2k)
ADDED  : Blinking Tray On Message Recieve from emulEspaña [Commander]
ADDED  : ed2k FriendLink support from emulEspaña (adapted) 
(ed2k://|friend|Username|Userhash|/ and ed2k://|friendlist|Url of emfriends.met|/) [Commander] 
ADDED  : WapServer from emulEspaña (adapted) [SiRoB/Commander]
ADDED  : Customized IncomingDir icon from emulEspaña [Commander]
ADDED  : Preferency dialog use eMule Plus Group system [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Intelligent Chunk Selection from stormit & pawcio by enkeyDEV [AndCycle]
ADDED  : Option to stop removing trickle client from uploading [AndCycle]
ADDED  : Adding UPNP,RandomPort,Inproved ICF from emulEspaña [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Itsonlyme -modname- [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Adding partial SNAFU code from eWombat [SiRoB]

TODO  : DynDNS [Commander] (Next Release)
TODO  : CPU Usage and progressbar [Commander] (Next Release)

Changelog for eMule 0.43b MorphXT v4.1
FIXED : Systray exit [SiRoB]
FIXED : Mass-Rename: Cleanup now works correctly for every line in the "New filenames" window [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Code alignment [Commander]
FIXED : SUQWT [Commander]
FIXED : Ip2Country column settings saved [Commander]
FIXED : Serverlist->LowId column display and sort [Commander]
FIXED : cat->rightclick->Resume Next works now [Commander]
FIXED : SharedFileList -> Transfered data now saved correctly [AndCycle/Commander/SiRoB]
FIXED : RSS news feeds should now work for most .rss/.rdf files. Please report nonstandard 
feed servers/files. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : SmartA4AFSwaping reviewed [SiRoB]
FIXED : SeverList Column Sorting [SiRoB]
FIXED : Finaly Fixed Resume Only in the samecat [SiRoB]
FIXED : Reviewed MergeKnown Code [SiRoB]
FIXED : TimeRemainAverage Sorting in the download window [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Added dots '...' behind some items in the Morph preferences tab to indicate that they can 
be expanded with a double click (at least in the english version) [MightyKnife]
CHANGED: Log files are now placed in a 'logs' folder instead of the eMule folder [MightyKnife]
CHANGED: PartFile Statistic are now saved in the .part (as well spreadBar statistic) 
(no more in known.met) [SiRoB/AndCycle]
CHANGED: Draw Connections-Graph solid [Commander]
CHANGED: Rise the file buffer to 3MBytes [SiRoB]

ADDED : CRC32-Calculation can now be used to convert existing CRC's to uppercase [MightyKnife]
ADDED : Mass-Rename: Insert-text-column-from-clipboard; pastes the clipboard data as a column 
to the current cursor position in the "New filenames" window. Should help to paste a list of episode 
titles into the filenames. [MightyKnife]
ADDED : Mass-Rename: Simple-Cleanup; only removes '.' and '_' characters [MightyKnife]
ADDED : MassRename in downloadlist from Dragon [Commander]

ADDED : IP2Country columns to upload,queue,client and serverlist [Commander]
ADDED : Country and Clientsoftware columns to the commentlist [Commander]
ADDED : CountryFlag to serverlist [Commander/Iberica/SiRoB]
ADDED : Displaying the friend's country in the chatwnd info groupbox [Commander]
ADDED : IP2Country.csv auto-updating [Commander]

ADDED : Show Client Percentage in the downloadlist [Commander]
ADDED : Enable/Disable startupsound (Preferences->General->Play startupsound) [Commander]
ADDED : Save known.met when clicking 'reload' [MightyKnife]

ADDED : Optimizer [ePlus] + emulespania methode [Commander/SiRoB]
ADDED : CPU Optimization Mode display on Splashscreen [Commander]

ADDED : Preferences Side Banner from TPT / Enable-Disable on the Fly / Banner Picture [Commander/SiRoB/iCeCream]
ADDED : Show version-numbers of Fakes- and IPfilter.dat and ip-to-country.csv in MorphII settings [Commander]

ADDED : Dynamic Invisible Mode from TPT [Commander]
ADDED : OnClick [HotKey] -> move to invisible mode, OnClick [HotKey] -> move out of invisible mode [Commander/SiRoB]

ADDED : RSS news feeds can be added/modified/deleted via a button/menu in the server window [MightyKnife]
ADDED : DownloadAllFeedsAtOnce [Commander/MightyKnife]

TWEAKED: Mass-Rename Simple-Cleanup is now configurable. Remove '.', '_' characters, Replace "´","`" 
characters, arbitrary Search and Replace, convert hexadecimal numbers '%xx' to characters, convert 
(german and other) umlauts to standard characters. [MightyKnife]
TWEAKED: Mass-Rename SimpleCleanup tweaked [MightyKnife]
TWEAKED: IP2Country Autoupdate [Commander]
TWEAKED: Version Saving of Autoupdates [Commander]

MOVED : LowID retry dialog to Server Preferency [SiRoB]

NOTE: Compiled with libpng 1.2.6 to fix security issu

Changelog for eMule 0.43b MorphXT v4.0
MERGED : Code merged to 0.43b [SiRoB]
FIXED : Various fix & optimization [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Simplify Equal Chance for Each File to a checkbox [AndCycle]
CHANGED: Adapt to SLUGFILLER's expired time known.met control [AndCycle]
CHANGED: r in StatusBar to said that we will be limited when 1:3 session ratio is reach [SiRoB]
CHANGED: R in StatusBar to said that we are actualy limited in download [SiRoB]
ADDED : Now we can visualise parts that we hide when we use the HideOS feature (cyan color) [SiRoB]
ADDED : PBF Progression to avoid some brain-storming [SiRoB]
ADDED : Splash Song by Commander [SiRoB]

About A4AF, the A4AF system from Khaos and offcial new one are fonction together.

Here a simplified priority explaination:
1: Advanced A4AF from Khaos (GetAllA4AF,Force A4AF On, Force A4AF Off)
2: Auto Swap All (A4AF) to this file
3: Linear Priority from Khaos fonctionnal when category is in Stacking mode
4: Category Priority
5: File Priority
6: Alphabetic Order | Balancing mode

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v3.5
FIXED : Sort on Sipmle UL in the Sharedfile Window [SiRoB]
REMOVED: 'resume paused file only in the same category' that caused the crash after a resume (my apologize) [SiRoB]
ADDED : 'resume paused file only in the same category' per category setting [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v3.4 
FIXED  : Download file in search window will now work properly in case you don't use selectcategory 
or you didn't select the category tab item [SiRoB] 
FIXED  : Statistic SlideBar [SiRoB] 
ADDED  : Now we can see parts hidden by the Share Only The Need feature [SiRoB] 
ADDED  : A new Select view filter option to hide seen complet file [SiRoB] 
ADDED  : Download/Upload in the transfert window [SiRoB] 
ADDED  : New option in SCC preferency to specify if we want to resume only in the same category [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: SUWQT merged from EastShare [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: Moved some preferency from SAC to SCC [SiRoB] 
TWEAKED: Equal Chance Value now involed a time quantum base on file shared time [AndCycle] 
TWEAKED: Share Only The Need [SiRoB] 
TWEAKED: Auto Power Share by checking the last seen information (partfile side) [SiRoB] 

NOTE: for the RSS news you can edit entry in XMLNews.dat when you click on the combo the list is updated 

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v3.3
ADDED  : Chunk Dot display option from EastShare [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Invisible mule application from EastShare with little tweak [SiRoB]
ADDED  : New friend message window from TPT [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Splitting Bar from O2 ajusted to work with the new graph style [SiRoB]
ADDED  : RSS from O2 with a little tweak [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Maella -Code Inprovement- in Opscop.ctrl from TPT [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Maella -Code Fix- in Opscop.ctrl from TPT [SiRoB]
ADDED  : BugFix in Cknownfile::setfilesize from Pichuein [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Set max ping limit as default in preferency [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Activated Powershare Limit feature [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Share Only The Need [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v3.2
FIXED : Powershare Limit per file [SiRoB]
CHANGED: FakeCheck & IPFilter updated to prevent people use direct link to data file 
and bypass the version test [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated from the zz upload system 20040531-1749 [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v3.1
FIXED : Variaous fixe arround Slection category support [SiRoB]
FIXED : Show Permission preferency saving [SiRoB]
ADDED : PowerShare Limit per file, you can now specify when you want to stop powersharing a
file based on complete source [SiRoB]
CHANGED: IP2Country added a new flag map [Commander]
CHANGED: Updated to the latest zz Upload system [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Don't use the search selection tab official way for ed2k weblink [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Turning ShareOnlyTheNeed preferency into boolean [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Boost Friends [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v3.0
FIXED  : Selection Category Support for weblink [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Freeze trouble is away (Congratulation to zz to identify the cause) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v2.11
FIXED : Crash when removed a file that is uploaded to an other client [SiRoB]
FIXED : See A4AF Partstatus staying in blue [SiRoB]
FIXED : Upload trouble due to client staying in unkown transfert [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v2.10
FIXED : Completed files aren't well identified by the select view filter [SiRoB]
FIXED : The right statusbar containing some random text when no use of dynamic upload [SiRoB]
FIXED : Cancel selective category dialog don't abort download from search result [SiRoB]
FIXED : Slective Chunk used only the default setting and not the per file setting [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Changed the way to use the selective category, when we use it but the tab in search or 
PastEd2kLink dialog are used we bypass it [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated zz Upload system (big Thanks) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Some code rewrite [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42g MorphXT v2.9
MERGED : Code merged to 0.42g [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Columns Preferency Saving (Sort, Size, Visibility) [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Solid Graph Option in Statistic preferency [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Now Canceling Selection category mean aborting [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Review the Selection category support (if not used take the official way) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: ZZ ratio is applicable when:
  -incomplet file is forced to powershare
  -friend slot is activated on one friend or more
  -average upload under 10kB/s
REMOVED: Group notion for downloading files have been removed (never implemented) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42e MorphXT v2.8
FIXED : Killing this ******* Invalide Parameter [SiRoB]
FIXED : Some translation arround some button [SiRoB]
FIXED : The freeze trouble should be away [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated UploadBandwithThrottler from the latest zz version [SiRoB]
CHANGED: zz ratio is presente when friend slot is activated on one of the friend [SiRoB]
CHANGED: systray & application icon without white glitch on dark desktop by FrankyFive [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Improved Anti-Leecher feature avoid some case where leecher can enter in queue [SiRoB] 

Changelog for eMule 0.42e MorphXT v2.7 
FIXED : Reviewed all ed2k download methode to keep Selection category support from Khaos [SiRoB] 
FIXED : Eradicate Invalide Parameter (i hope) [SiRoB] 
ADDED : Friend Column on uploadlist, queuelist & knownlist to be able to sort them from EastShare [AndCycle] 
CHANGED: Updated SafeHash, MergeKnown, HIDEOS, Multiple sorting From Slugfiller [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: Turning back average on 30'' for upload and download mesure [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: Pay Back First only available for Complet file since some polemic [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: ZZ ratio is applicable when: 
-incomplet file is forced to powershare 
-friend slot have been used 
-average upload should be more than 10kB/s if you expect to download up to 64kB/s (26kB/s for 128kB/s)

Changelog for eMule 0.42e MorphXT v2.6
FIXED  : Invalide Parameter Message [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Abnormal Know.met file growing [SiRoB]
ADDED  : aux Ports support from lugdunummaster [AndCycle]
CHANGED: IpFilter and FakeCheck have been changed to avoid continuous update in case it is used with 
an autoupdater by other mod [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42e MorphXT v2.5
MERGED : Code merged to 0.42e [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Not identified client will not get anymore PS or FS [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42d MorphXT v2.4
FIXED : Systray Fix to avoid all the schedulable parameter to not correctly be saved at shutdown [SiRoB]
FIXED : A wroung test causing zz ratio allways activated since the 2.0 version [SiRoB]
FIXED : Some little fix [SiRoB]
ADDED : modID Statistic from Slugfiller and code improvement from TPT [SiRoB]
CHANGED: The current Download, Upload Slot+Overhead, Upload Friend Slot & Upload Slot are drawn in 
solid in Statistic Window [SiRoB]
CHANGED: The average speed rate are dynamicly mesured from 1'' to 30'' depending on the number of sample [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Update Code to the latest ZZ Upload System [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Update SUWQT code from MoonLight [AndCycle]
CHANGED: Default Statistic Graph color [SiRoB]

NOTE: About average speed mesurement change, i do this to show as much as possible the possible 
perturbation of the data rate. In the official and different mod the average speed datarate is calculated 
from 15'' to 40'' and are note exactly right. So don't be afraid to see strange data speed rate.

Changelog for eMule 0.42d MorphXT v2.3
FIXED  : All the schedulable parameter accessible in Morph Preferency are now correctly saved at shutdown [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42d MorphXT v2.2
CHANGED: MultipleInstance from SF-IOM mod
CHANGED: Update SafeHash and mergeKnown code from SF-IOM mod, partial changed mergeKnown code to adapt 0.42 code
CHANGED: Take the average upload speed rate for 10kB/s limit related to ratio activation [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated some part of code from latest zz upload system related to uploadBandwidthThrottler 
and LanCommunRouterFinder [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Change the average download & upload speed rate calcul per client [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Advanced filter mask is now correctly saved [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Missing the "safe .met/.dat file write" icon in the tweak preferency [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Several parameter are now correctly reloaded [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Change an old implemented calcul that could make a divide by zero (could explain some 
mysterious crash) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42d MorphXT v2.1 
MERGED : Code merged to 0.42d [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.42c MorphXT v2.0
MERGED: Code merged to 0.42b [SiRoB]
MERGED: Code merged to 0.42c [SiRoB]

FIXED : When adding CRC32 tag to a filename, the tag suffix could not be changed. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : The prio for category is now well updated in the CAT Popup [SiRoB]
FIXED : The opening slot should be right now [SiRoB]
ADDED : Infinite Queue option from SlugFiller-itsonlyme
ADDED : Pay Back First Tweak [SiRoB/AndCycle/Yun.SF3]
CHANGED: Powershare is now only applied for secured client [SiRoB]
CHANGED: The ratio is now activated only if the upload rate is under the 10kB/s and when PowerShare is 
forced on downloading file [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Include New Nice Flag from Commander[GER] [AndCycle]

TWEAKED: Friend Slot Management, Show slot assignement in the message window and visual fix [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.41b29 MorphXT v1.5 
FIXED  : Several bugfix and update (A4AF and others) [SiRoB/AndClyve] 
FIXED : When adding CRC32 tag to a filename, the tag suffix could not be changed. [MightyKnife] 
ADDED  : Mass-Rename. Rename multiple files at once in a text field or with a file mask. Select 
some files in the shared files list, right-click and choose 'Mass rename...'. [MightyKnife] 


Changelog for eMule 0.41b29 MorphXT v1.4 
FIXED  : Soft Limiter for Queue [Yun.SF3] 
FIXED  : The default view value (HideOS, SelectiveChunk,  Permissions & Share Only the Need) 
in the DownloadFile and SharedFile popup [SiRoB] 
FIXED  : When using the SmartA4AFSwapping the requested download list is not well updated [SiRoB] 
FIXED  : Popup Category causing crash when NULL is returned by GetCategory() [SiRoB] 
FIXED  : Set the minupload and not the maxupload by using the minupload's textbox in the popup systray [SiRoB] 
FIXED  : The high cpu usage should be out caused by checking every time if we need to remove 
(from the upload list) or not a client geting more than 10Mo [SiRoB] 
ADDED  : Patch against daylight saving bug. Prevents EMule from rehashing all known files after 
6 months when daylight saving comes into effect. 
        Can be activated in Morph Preferences. EMule needs to be restarted because it must eventually 
rehash all files (but only once and then no more)! [MightyKnife] 
ADDED  : Limited community support with community tags: Community icon, Columns for community 
affiliation in up-/client-/queuelist, Shared files visible for community. 
(Of course no change of client rating in upload queue) [MightyKnife] 
ADDED  : Report hashing files activities [MightyKnife] 
ADDED  : Report activities in friendlist [MightyKnife] 
ADDED  : CRC32 calculation/testing for files. Right click on a file in the shared files 
list lets you calculate the CRC32 for the file. 
        Furthermore a releaser tag can be added (together with the CRC) to the filename 
(of course for multiple files at once, too). 
        The calculated CRC is shown in a column on the right - together with an info 
        whether the calculated CRC was found in 
        the filename. (Hint: The calculated CRC32 will not be stored in known.met) [MightyKnife] 
ADDED  : searchCatch and cacheUDPsearchResults from [SlugFiller-itsonlyme] 
NOTE   : IP2Country now support to display flag of the country, this require countryflag.dll, also put it at /config/


Changelog for eMule 0.41b29 MorphXT v1.3 
FIXED  : Connection trouble in some case [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: Color code in sharedfile [SiRoB/IceCream]


Changelog for eMule 0.41b29 MorphXT v1.2
FIXED  : the wrong construction of the A4AF available part causing messageBox (invalide parameter) [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Default ShareOnlyTheNeed State not saved [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Give access to Multiple Comment Changing [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Systray Popup doesn't disapair in some case (bond006) [SiRoB]
FIXED  : New Download File in Auto or Disable PowerShareMode [SiRoB]
FIXED  : The software client statistic bug, during language change, seems to be out [SiRoB]
ADDED  : IP2Country from Superlexx, for testing purpose only, may be removed
ADDED  : Preferency default for Show share permission [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Boost Friend option from Yun.SF3 [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Some reworked preferency [SiRoB]
CHANGED: PaybackFirst now have same priority as PowerShare and need (client uploaded to 
you-downloaded from you)>SESSIONAMOUNT(10MB) to reach the requirement [AndCycle]
NOTE   : IP2Country require you to download latest IP-to-Country Database from, unzip the file then put the ip-to-country.csv at /config/, 
then you can enable IP2Country at EastShare tab(will require restart mule)

Changelog for eMule 0.41b29 MorphXT 1.1 
NEW : You can now find the Morph-News with our RSS Feed at this url 
"" [IceCream] 
NEW : German dll language from cyrex2001 added to our official Website, more to come [IceCream] 

FIXED : The Multiple affectation to HideOS, SelectiveChunk, and ShareOnlyTheNeed causing crash [SiRoB] 
FIXED : TagCount Trouble causing .part corruption [SiRoB] 
FIXED : Popup menu permission state in the Download Windows [SiRoB] 
FIXED : The Known.met trouble and certainly many other, Great thanks to Tharghan for his support [SiRoB] 
ADDED : 2 Columns in SharedFIle to see the HideOS & ShareOnlyTheNeed State [SiRoB] 
CHANGED: Network status state in the statusBar [SiRoB] 


Changelog for eMule 0.41b29 MorphXT 1.0 

NEW : We have taken a new name, MorphXT like eXTented. There are three reasons for that -> 
(1) Kademlia won't be the final name of the protocol 
(2) The version number and alpha/beta status were not clear 
(3) that will celebrate the return of IceCream and the launching of our new Website :D 

NEW : Enjoy our new website at [IceCream] 
NEW : Enjoy the return of the official Morph translation, only French for the moment but more to come [IceCream] 

MERGED : Code merged to 0.41b29 [SiRoB] 
ADDED : HideOS config per file [SiRoB] 
ADDED : Share Only The Need, originaly inspired by lovelace and implemented by Wistily but in auto mode [SiRoB] 
- Hide part already gotten by queued client 
- Used only for complete file sharing 
- This process is used behind the HideOS feature, if all part are hidden, HideOS is used if it is activated 
CHANGED: 1/3 ZZ Ratio is activated now when 
(1) Friend Slot use 
(2) PowerShare Use (Not Auto) on incomplete file 
(3) Otherwise if up <10ko [SiRoB/IceCream] 
CHANGED: PBF is disable for the moment [SiRoB]<br> 
TWEAKED: Many little fix and update [SiRoB] 
REMOVED: Some redondant & useless functions and parameters [SiRoB] 

- Compiled with VS2003 + wspapi.h patch by NetInfinity.
- Don't forget to use pthreadVC2.dll instead of version 1.
- As many people don't understand the need to display live
  upload data rate i added a manual setting (every one schould be happy).


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