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Individual File Preferences also widely known as Neo File Tweaks is a feature that allows the user to specify a set of settings for every file individually. This feature is one of the more known NeoMule features, but the idea comes from the SivkaMod though the original implementation had only very few settings.

The Neo File Tweaks provides an incredible amount of settings and also additional improvements like:

  • Settings can be specified for more than one file at once.
  • Settings can be easily reseted, or transfered over via Copy And Paste to an other file
  • Settings can be specified for a particular category and are applied to all files in that category (file settings are not overwritten only the reference to the global defaults is set on the preferences object of the category) {Will be available in NeoMule 4.50}
  • The preferences dialog uses a flexible tree interface, and is extened even more in NeoMule4.50
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