Intelligent Part Sharing

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'Intelligent Part Sharing' is a system for releaser's designed to provide the functionality of Hide Overshare and/or Share Only the Need. It have the advantage over the old systems that the 2 above features does not work exclusive and so can be combined, it also provides not only additive limit setting but a very usefully multiplicative one. It can be configured to resemble the behavior of the 2 classic above features, but it can do much more, for example it can be configured to not hide chunks that the remote side have partially complete (there for ICSv2 is needed). The user can also specify that a low availability of a part overrules the "Hide Overshared" effect this is called "Show under available parts". The releaser can decide if he always wants to show some and how many needed chunks or not, as well as the percentage of a file to hide (100% means all chunks excepted one)

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