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Starting from eMule 0.47a emule support large files

[edit] Large File Support

From the changelog of emule 0.47a:

Added support for large files. The new file size limit which eMule can handle is 256GB (the old one was almost 4GB) The following compatibility issues for large files apply:

  • Large files can be found, downloaded and uploaded only by clients which support it (right now eMule 0.47a and above)
  • Collections which contain any large files can no longer be read by clients which don't support large files
  • part.met files from large files can not be used with old eMule versions / ed2k tools
  • If any large file is shared/known the known.met file will no longer be backward compatible to older eMule versions
  • Known2.met will be converted to Known2_64.met which can not be read by old eMule versions
  • Unk: Updated Kad to handle large files..
  • Older clients cannot index large file keywords. This will mean getting keyword results on large files will not work well until the majority of the network updates..
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