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This will save a selected number of the best Sources, including those sources obtained via Source Exchange, to a subfolder in your temp directory under eMule called Saved Sources. Each file you are downloading will have a file in there which can be viewed in a text editor such as Notepad. There will be an ed2k link in there in case you lose a download. The next time that you start eMule, eMule will load the saved sources, which should help eMule get your downloads started faster.

After some time the saved sources will lose meaning since sources go off-line after some time. (a timestamp is added in the saved source)

You can have Mod's with adjustable settings : under how many source SLS work, how many sources have been saved and how many source have been loaded.

You can have automatic SLS (Load at start)

And Manual SLS (Right click on a file: you can Save or Load source)

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