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Maintainer: Morph team
Latest release: v12.0 based on emule 0.50a / 26-04-2010

eMule MorphXT is a modification of eMule. This is possible because eMule is licensed uder a gpl license. This makes it possible to enhance and extend eMule without the use of additional plugins. All the changes are compiled directly into eMule. MorphXT is a rich mod with many extra features.

  • Features to help releasing. Powersharing. Advanced upload bandwidth control.
  • User interface improvements, e.g. tooltips on lots of the preferences.
  • Extra background threading making morph more responsive under a heavy workload.
  • Basic multiuser support in the web-interface. Can run as a Windows service.
  • Many more small usability features.
  • Installer with option to open MS firewall, and a UPnP implementation independent of windows services.

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