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As of version 0.46 it is possible to use multiple tempdirs.

[edit] Multiple tempdirs


This makes sense if the temporary directories are on multiple drives. The tempdir for a file is selected as follows:

  1. On same drive as incoming and enough space for all downloading
  2. Enough space for all downloading
  3. Most actual free space

Note that tempfiles are only assigned after the download started and there is currently nothing build into eMule to move temp files from one directory to another. (neomule has a feature for moving tempfiles)

To activate the "+ button" you have to set "Show more controls" in extended settings.


EnkeyDev once wrote and posted a fully customizable and easy2use MTD feature which allowed not only selecting multiple tempdirs but also to select the tempdir for new downloads manually.

[edit] see also

  • sparse files for saving disk space on temporary files.
  • categories for specifying multiple incoming directories
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