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Neo Bandwidth Control is yet an other Bandwidth Control system. Neo BC combines NAFC (own code) and USS/DSS (Pawcio Code) in one system, the upload bandwidth Throttler it a implementation basing on Pawcio and Xman1 ideas, the download bandwidth Throttler is based on Pawcio code but improved . The system provides extreme flexibility and functionality to set parameters for...

The user can decide if he wants to include overhead in the management or not. The upload/download buffer size is tweakable, and the thread priority for the up/download Throttlers and the send/revive intervals are customisable to adapt the behaviour as good as possible to the machine/connection. The Download Throttler can be disabled and than the official system is used instead, usually recommended when no download limit is applied. Several improvements in the Upload bandwidth throttler allow full utilization of very fast lines as well as ultra high Slot Speeds. The Slot management is very flexible, it provides optional slot focus and slot minimisation, trickle slots (in an customizable amount), increased trickle speed.


NAFC works as usual. The USS/DSS provides additional customisation for the ping thresholds handling.

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