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[edit] Pawcio implementation

What this does if you are trying to download a file and the file does not have any complete sources, using this will not let the file start downloading until there is a complete source for it. Also if you right click in the transfer window and chosse from the menu [Force Download] this just bypasses the stopped incomplete file and tries to start the download.

[edit] Neo implementation

Is similar to the one from pawcio, but in inner working are much more sophisticated. It complety prevents reasks for files with missing parts, it only performs once a partial request to obtain part status. As soon as a complete part set is seen outstanding reasks are completed.

[edit] Eastshare implementation

  • if a file was not seen complete, no data is downloaded and no bandwidth is wasted.
  • while waiting for the file to show up complete, sources are asked every (FILEREASKTIME*2).
  • the download can be manually started in the file-context menu. (Last seen will be 07-07-2002, that's emule birthday. Change tick count to 946681200 for sat, 01-01-2000)
  • if a file is stopped and restarted, this waiting state will be restored
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