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PartImportExport Allows you to import chunks from a file and also export them to a file.

The idea comes form xrmb and different implementations are present in many mods, as of today there are 3 different implementations (chronological).

  • The old original implementation from Xrmb, allows import and export of complete chunks, the import can be performed out of order with the exception that the last (< 9.3 MB) chunk must be the last in the export file.
  • The new implementation from SR-13 available and maintained in the Morph Mod, allows import only and the import works only in order, but it allows also the importing of incomplete chunks for AICH data recovery (not instantaneously).
  • The neo implementation is a superposition of the 2 above thou it is completely recoded, it allows export of complete part, out of order import of complete chunks and in order import of incomplete chunks. It is available in NeoMule and provides maximal flexibility.
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