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Share with subdirectories

  • When a directory is shared, all of it's subdirectories are shared as well.
  • Only the root directory is saved in the dat files, the subdirectories are rescanned every time the shared files are reloaded or refreshed. As a result, the dat file is smaller than one where all the subdirectories are shared manually, and if a shared directory's subdirectories change(renamed, created, deleted, etc), the change will be detected the next time the shared files are refreshed.
  • v2: To share a directory with subdirectories hold the ctrl key, otherwise the directory is shared without it's subdirectories.
  • v2: Directories shared with subdirectories are now saved in a seperate dat file. The subdirectories themselves are still not saved.
  • v2: Once a directory is shared with subdirectories you cannot unshare/reshare any of it's subdirectories, and the checkbox next to them disappears.
  • v2: You can now share files from network shares without having to map them to a drive first.
  • v2.1: Local drives appear before network drives.
  • v2.2: Network drives load in another thread.
  • v2.3: The incoming directory is shared without subdirectories by default and marking it causes it to be shared with subdirectories.
  • v2.4: Directory listing for view shared directories request is now calculated according to the paths of the files shared, instead of the directories shared. This means that directories without shared files won't be sent, and subdirectories with shared files will be.
  • The UNC shares box in the preferences can be used to add shared directories, but it doesn't show UNC directories already shared, and it can't be used to remove shared directories.

Originally developed by SLUGFILLER : ("shareSubdir"):

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