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'Smart Release Sharing' is a system for releaser's designed to provide the functionality of PowerShare and/or ReleaseBoost. It can be configured to provide regular PS functionality as well as a release boost, this 2 different methods can also be combined, there are following operation modes available:

  • Combined - Power Share is used below the "Low Limit", the boost is used till the high limit
  • Release Boost - only release boost is used
  • Power Share - only power share is used

the release boost value can be configured manually and is called "Release Level"

The system have 2 different main limits witch on their own are separated in 2 sub limits (complete and total) and this are build from a High Limit and a Low Limit. The 1st limit is called "release limit" and it determines how often a file have to be uploaded before the Release Boost or the PS status is canceled. The 2nd limit (present also in the old Power Share) is a "source limit" and determines how many (complete)sources must be present. This 2 limits can be linked together by an "And" or an "Or". Every limit have 2 sub limits one for the total source/release value and one for the complete source/release value and this can be as well linked like above.
Each limit can be individually enabled/disabled, they are build form a high and a low limit (it is possible to enable the high limit only). For every limit a mode can be specified, there are following modes available:

  • Simple - when limit is reached release is canceled
  • Linear - the release boost is adapted between full and off linearly
  • Exponential - the release boost is adapted between full and off exponentialy

A special usefully is the following combination Release Mode: Combined, Limit Modes: Linear/Exponential and booth High and Low Limits in use.

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