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Source Storage, is a next generation source saver that uses intelligent statistical methods to estimate witch source will be still available under the known IP after a given time period (since it was saved).
This system reaches a successfully Reask rate of over 75% what is comparable with for example kad.
Ordinary source savers have after an half day break only a success rate of a few percent.

The Source Storage saves the statistical information in the file sources.met as well as a obtional file list with file status informations so when a known source is found the file status of all a4af files is available.

The sources are analyzed imminently after they was loaded and sorted by the probability of availability, soon they are reasked one by one until the limit is reached, the system by default reasks only small groups of sources with a few minutes delay so that only when svr/xs/kad don't give enough sources more sources from storage are used. The loaded source reask limit is applied to all active sources so that in the usual case far less sources from storage are reasked than would be possible.

The Storage can be used without the Source IP Analyzer but than the loaded source reask limit is reduced to only 10% of its original maximal value.

All loaded sources that hasn't been reasked are removed form the source list after half an our because there is no more use for them.

Invented by: Xanatos
To find in: NeoMule
Note: This description apply to neo 4.50 and newer. Older versions had a much more complicated reask management.

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