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Despite of powersharing, every X upload slots one slot will be opened to a user that has not been uploaded to and downloaded from yet and is additionally requesting a non-Powershare-file.

[edit] Spread Credits Slot (SCS)

  • Creditsystems, PBF and PS may keep clients out of the upload that don't get pushed due to their lack of data exchange with us or because they simply do not request a PS file. In order to prevent from such an situation this feature will push the first client in the queue that did not exchange any data with you, yet, into the upload no matter what its former queue place.
  • The requesting client shall neither be pushed by PS nor by push small files.
  • clients that got kicked out of the upload due to higher priority clients ("F" in queue) may get a SCS
  • The user needs to configure every how many slots a client shall get a SCS.
  • SCS clients may be set into upload class 1 (PS/PBF)
  • SCS debugging:
    • Spr N = usual Spread Credits Slot (0 up/ 0 down)
    • Spr F = removed early
    • Spr O = got a SCS but was removed and didn't get reinitiated by @ Spr F (should barely happen)

This feature originated in StulleMule

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