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The ZZ ratio (ZZ TransferRatioBalance) limits the download to 3*upload if the session ratio is 1:3 If the session ratio exceeds 1:3 the download will be limited even smaller so 1:3 is reached again. As soon as the queue is empty the ratio won't kick. All upload to friends is ignored in the ratio calculation. ZZ created this feature in order to be accepted by the official emule devs, though his mod provides the user multiple friendslot and powershare on partfiles, to help the network groove.


[edit] Implementation

[edit] ZZ

The implementation as in the ZZUL mod is always enabled.

[edit] MorphXT

The MorphXT mod only activates the ZZ ratio under the following circumstances:

  1. . session average upload is below 10 kb
  2. . Powersharing partfile(s)
  3. . using friendslot(s) and global data rate for friendslots is > 3 kb or infinite.
  4. . upload limit set to < 10 kb/s

An "r" is visible in the status bar to indicate that the ratio is active and an "R" is displayed there if the ratio is actually enforced. Furthermore a small Tooltip with information about the ratio triggers status can be expanded by moving the mouse trigger over the speed informations in the Statusbar.


[edit] Stullemule

The StulleMule mod (based on MorphXT/ EastShare) changes the triggers as outlined below.

Ratio Activated for the whole Session when:

  1. powersharing partfile(s)
  2. using friendslot(s) and global data rate for friendslots is > 3 kb or infinite.

Ratio activated till the case isn't fullfilled anymore:

  1. UL-limit < 10
  2. average UL < 8
  3. average UL < 10 AND UL-Maximum < 12

It uses a 1:3 ratio. Everything else is the same as in MorphXT


a small r is displayed when zzratio is active, a capital "R" is displayed if zzratio is affecting the download speed.

[edit] Workaround zzratio

Zzratio is a session ratio. So it does not limit your current download 1:3, it limits the average download since the start of eMule (session). This makes a simple workaround possible: Start uploading before you need the download and leave eMule running. That way you have accumulated enough ratio to quickly download a file when you need it. You can temporarily download at high speeds as long as your average does not exceed 1:3. As a side effect you accumulate more credits which also helps your download speed.

In short: upload more or upload longer.

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